Thung Maphrao sub-district office on June 30
Thung Maphrao sub-district office on June 30

PHANG NGA — A district official who allegedly appeared in a clip fondling a girl has instead blamed paralysis for his resignation.

Supasak Pokabutr, the Chief Executive of Thung Maphrao sub-district in Phang-nga province, submitted a resignation letter on Monday citing the need to undergo treatment for paralysis in Lopburi. The letter made no mention of a video that went viral in provincial Line and Facebook groups Saturday of a man resembling Supasak appearing to sexually harass a young girl in a car. 

The sixth-grader, whose name has been withheld, reportedly told police that the man in the video told her that his Chinese medicine practitioner recommended cuddling with a girl as a way to treat strokes. A close friend of the girl also reportedly said that the man threatened the girl against telling anyone about the incident.

Police have said that the clip, less than a minute long, was recorded by the victim herself, who sent it to her friends for advice on how to stop the man’s harassment. In the clip, she appears to struggle against him. 

Thai Mueang superintendent Pol. Col. Weerayuth Santiratanakul has said that an investigation is underway, but Supasak will be assumed innocent until there is concrete evidence.

Supasak used to give money to the girl’s broken family, according to the police. She is now living with a widowed grandmother and her sister.

A source allegedly close to Supasak also told reporters that he once saw the official with other girls while his office was locked.

Neither Supasak nor his relatives have come forward against the allegations.