TV Channel 3 Downsizes Further With Early Retirement

Channel 3 special logo commemorating the station's 50th anniversary in 2019.

BANGKOK — One of Thailand’s biggest TV stations announced yet another plan to shave off its staff number by the end of February.

BEC World Plc, which operates TV Channel 3, said on Tuesday it is offering voluntary early retirement payouts for its employees as part of its attempt to downsize the station – less than a year after about 200 station employees were laid off.

BEC World executive Ariya Banomyong said other measures will be introduced to generate more revenues, such as selling its contents to overseas markets, improving its online platforms, and selling “direct-to-consumer” advertisements.

No immediate figures were available as of publication how many positions the station seeks to cut.


The announcement also came after a year of dwindling revenues for Thai media. Peerawatt Chotithummo, president of Thai Broadcast Journalists Association, said it is normal for TV stations like Channel 3 to restructure and adapt to the new digital norm.


“There’s nothing more to it. We [the media industry] have reached the bottom. What’s left is how those who are still in the industry can create content and move ahead,” Peerawatt said.

Peerawatt said the association will also train its members to cope with the fast-changing nature of online media platforms.

“With the coming of 5G technologies, the platforms will continue to change in the next five to 10 years,” Peerawatt said. “We need to give them the knowledge.”