Khaosod English is taking legal action against the management of a website known as “The Thaiger” for serial copyright infringement. 

Khaosod English’s attorney filed the complaint to the Prachachuen Police Station in Bangkok on Sept. 16, 2020. The case was received by the police and investigation is now underway. 

The complaint detailed at least 20 cases of The Thaiger staff reproducing content and images from Khaosod English onto their website without permission. In each and every instance, The Thaiger has also falsely identified their staff in the byline as the author of those articles.


Evidence submitted to the police also shows a pattern by The Thaiger to monetize those unauthorized content reproduction.  

Khaosod English news chief Teeranai Charuvastra said, “We have full support from our parent company to pursue the legal action against The Thaiger to set a clear example: if you infringe on our company’s copyrighted content, you will have to answer to the law.”