Dog Guards a Swedish Man, 65, Who Died For A Week

A Swedish man who frequently travelled between Sweden and Thailand died alone in his Udon Thani residence. Not far away, there is a dog guarding. It is estimated that the man had been dead for 7 days.

On May 15, investigators at Nong Han Police Station in Udon Thani Province received reports of a foreigner’s death by an unknown cause at a house in Ban Nong Bua Daeng, Nong Phai Subdistrict, Nong Han District.

They found no wrongdoing, no signs of fighting, or ransacking after an inspection with the rescuers and the doctor from Nong Han Hospital.

Mr. Johansson, 65, was eventually identified by authorities as the body. They discovered only a few cans of beer close to the bed, implying that this man died 7 days ago. A white dog in front of the door house keeps an eye on him.


sweden died2

According to neighbours, this Swedish man used to live with his Thai wife Banyen, but she died several years ago. The man then travelled between Thailand and Sweden. He returned to Thailand and stayed at home, this time without interacting with anyone. There is only a dog as a pet

Today, a neighbour smelled a foul odour and assumed it was from a dead dog. As a result, she went in to see and discovered that there was a person. In shock, she contacted the police.

“There’s a white dog who is always guarding the front glass door.” “I believe it realises its adoring boss is no longer alive, but it could not help anything,” a neighbour stated.