Myanmar Army Bombs Drive More Kayah Civilians To Thailand

Fighting erupted between the Myanmar Army and Karen Kayah militants in Mae Chae town, Bolakae district, Kayah state, near Mae Hong Son. This has been happening all week.

According to Khaosod journalists in Mae Hong Son Province, on the night of June 16, around 8:00 p.m., a Myanmar military fighter jet targeted warehouses of Thai citizens who trade with Myanmar people in Huai Nam Mang and Ban Nam Mang, causing damage to the warehouses.


Later, 41 Myanmar refugees, both children and adults, came over to the Thai side to seek shelter when it was raining at Mae Ngao sub-district’s Khun Yuam district.


Previously, the Myanmar Army bombarded Mae Chae District, Kayah State, Myanmar, damaging over a hundred houses, but the people had evacuated and fled before entering Thailand at Ban Pha Khae, Mae Ki Sub-district, Khun Yuam District, Mae Hong Son Province.

The Myanmar Army bombarded Mae Chae District, Kayah State.

There have been 556 refugees in Ban Pha Khae, bringing the total number of Myanmar refugees who have fled to Thailand to almost 3,000.

Last year, the Myanmar military dropped bombs on Karen people in the opposite Karen State, at Ban Tha Ta Fang, Mae Sariang District, killing many.