Police Nab Couple Who Sold Mule Accounts To Chinese Agents

On September 13, cyber police arrested a 40-year-old man, Suriya Phulang, from Chonburi province and a 37-year-old woman, Parichat Mhuhuana, from Chanthaburi province. Both were arrested on the roadside in Soi Khao Talo 14, Nongprue sub district, Bang Lamung district, Chonburi province.

They are charged with “conspiring to enter data into a computer system by dishonest means or by deception that is wholly or partially distorted, falsified or false in a manner likely to cause harm to the public, and conspiring to deceive the public by impersonating other persons.”

Further investigation by the Cybercrime Division revealed that both suspects were key figures for Chinese agents who were buying up mule accounts in the Chonburi Province region on a large scale.

These accounts were then passed on to Chinese agents for illegal activities. Authorities suspect that more than 100 people were duped into opening accounts in the Chonburi region, resulting in a loss of more than 10 million baht.

The two suspects confessed to collecting fake accounts and details from acquaintances in the area and then passing that information on to Chinese agents. These agents typically used other people’s phone numbers to make contact and arranged meetings to obtain account information and transaction documents for the accounts they opened. They then promptly broke off the communication channel and re-established contact using a different phone number.