Vietnamese Debt Collectors Beat up Creditor in Central Pattaya

Foreign tourists violently punch and kick a person of the same nationality, causing injuries, in front of local residents and tourists in Central Pattaya on June 25, 2024.

PATTAYA — On Tuesday afternoon, a Khaosod news reporter in Pattaya drove by and witnessed foreign tourists violently punching and kicking a person of the same nationality, causing injuries, in front of local residents and tourists.

The incident occurred in front of a food-to-order restaurant on South Pattaya Road. As the situation escalated and seemed to be getting out of hand, the reporter quickly intervened to stop the fight while recording evidence. This caused the attackers to flee into the bushes near the restaurant.

The reporter then called the police, who managed to arrest one suspect, identified as Vietnamese. Other suspects disappeared near a shopping mall parking lot.



Mr. Xuan Hai Ngo, 38, the injured Vietnamese victim, explained that the two men who attacked him were his debtors. They had arranged to meet him to settle their outstanding debt. He and his friend had rented a room across from the restaurant and were waiting at the food-to-order restaurant next to a Vietnamese restaurant.

The debtors arrived in a Ford car with four people. They sat down to negotiate at a table in front of the food-to-order restaurant. But after just a few words, Mr. Xuan was put in a headlock, punched in the face, and beaten until he staggered onto the street. The group of debtors followed and continued to kick him. Fortunately, someone came to help. He believes this group of debtors planned to lure him there to attack him. He is now very scared.

Police officers searched the debtors’ Ford car and found many weapons including knives, metal objects, and wooden sticks on the back seat. These were confiscated for investigation. The police will expedite the pursuit of this Vietnamese mafia gang to prosecute them according to the law.”