Pattaya Reclaims 30-Year Encroached Public Land, Demolishes Structures

Pattaya City officials begin demolishing structures encroaching on public land in Phothisan Soi 6 from July 1, 2024.

PATTAYA  — After the June 30 deadline for compensation to affected residents, Pattaya City has reclaimed public land and demolished structures encroaching on public right-of-way for over 30 years.

Pattaya Mayor Poramet Ngampichet directed relevant local officials to follow up on progress in reclaiming public land in Phothisan Soi 6 since July 1. He explained that the city of Pattaya has dispatched officers to remove structures encroaching on public land for 30 years, including houses and rental buildings, according to legal procedures.




The process has been completed, and housing has been organized for 20 residents who were occupying public land. Of these, 18 residents have agreed to relocate. The Public Works Department has already dismantled the buildings and leveled the land in preparation for road construction.

Only two residents, who live at the beginning and end of the area, have refused to move. The city of Pattaya will begin further negotiations. If the residents continue to refuse to move, strict legal action will be taken.

The public land in Phothisan Soi 6 is part of a project to build a road to relieve traffic on Pattaya 3rd Road so that residents can share the area. This section extends approximately 300 meters from the Phothisan intersection to Phothisan Soi 6 and another 150 meters from this area to Phothisan Soi 8.

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Regarding concerns that Pattaya City is only targeting poor residents and not the wealthy, such as in the case of reclaiming the land from Sukavadee House, Mayor Poramet clarified that Pattaya City has consistently worked to reclaim the public land from Sukavadee House, with some structures already being dismantled.

The areas that have been quickly reclaimed are those built directly on public roads, and the same legal action applies to other encroachments on public land.

“The actions to reclaim public roads and land are not based on the wealth of individuals, but on the maximum benefit to Pattaya City and its citizens,” Mayor Poramet said.

He explained that reclaiming public roads benefits the community by opening up more travel routes for residents and tourists, which in turn improves traffic efficiency in Pattaya.