British Teacher in Phuket Alleges Tailor Slapped Her, Refuses Compromise

The British woman shows the red mark on her left cheek where she was allegedly slapped.

PHUKET — A British female teacher at an international school filed a complaint against a famous suit tailor for slapping her in front of her children. When the police suggested reconciliation, she refused and requested the police to pursue the case to the fullest extent.

Mrs. Bed, a British national and teacher at an international school in Phuket province, accompanied by an interpreter, filed a complaint with Police Lieutenant Colonel Kittipong Nupheng, Investigation Inspector at Choeng Thale Police Station, Phuket.

She stated that she had entered the tailor shop before noon on July 1 to order a dress. There was a price negotiation with the shop owner that didn’t go well, leading to an argument. Subsequently, the shop owner slapped her face, causing her to fall to the floor in front of her children.

Later, the officials contacted the British woman’s counterpart, Mr. Daeng Phanupong, and arranged for them to meet and reconcile. However, Mrs. Bed insisted on not settling and wanted to proceed with legal action against Mr. Daeng.


The officials then summoned Mr. Daeng for questioning. He informed them that he would meet with the investigating officer on July 4 as he was currently traveling upcountry, showing no signs of fleeing. The police will therefore interview him on the appointed date before reassessing the case.”