Tailor Admits to Slapping British Customer in Phuket Suit Shop

The incident occurred in a famous suit shop in Phuket.

PHUKETOn July 6, police at Cherng Talay Police Station in Phuket revealed progress on the case where a British female English teacher reported being slapped in the face by the owner of a famous suit shop in Phuket in front of her children, and she insisted on not settling the case.

The police disclosed that Mr. Daeng Phanupong, the tailor and the shop’s owner who is being sued, met with the investigating officers and the prosecutor on July 5 to acknowledge the charges.

The tailor gave a statement that before the incident, the British woman brought a suit to the shop for alterations, for which he charged 200 baht. She then expressed interest in ordering another suit, for which he quoted 5,000 baht. The British woman tried to negotiate the price down to 4,000 baht. He agreed but asked for a 2,000 baht deposit.

british tailor
The British woman shows the red mark on her left cheek where she was allegedly slapped.

He claimed that she was then dissatisfied, used her phone to take photos inside the shop, and threatened to post them on social media. She also verbally abused the accused him severely, which angered him, leading him to slap her face.


The investigating officers also revealed that they requested the prosecutor to take advance witness testimony, as Mrs. Bed will be traveling back to her country. Additionally, the investigating officers are waiting for the medical certificate, which is an important document in determining the charges.

Thai law regarding assault is specified in Section 391, which states that whoever uses force to assault another person, without causing danger to the body or mind, shall be punished with imprisonment for a term not exceeding one month or a fine not exceeding 10,000 baht, or both.


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