‘Mowgli’ Man of Bangkok Takes Urban Jungle Too Literally (Video)

BANGKOK — In a captivating scene of urban athleticism, a naked man rushed across a busy road Sunday in the Chatuchak district to leap from roof to roof of passing vehicles.

A day after footage of the unidentified man stopping motorists on Vibhavadi-Rangsit Road went viral, policesaid Monday that the “Mowgli of Vibhavadi,” as he was dubbed by become media, been taken to a mental health facility for care.

“He was rubbing on motorcycle riders’ helmets and rubbing car windows when I arrived on the scene,” Lance Cpl. Narong Yuuglang of Vibhavadi police said Monday. “I don’t know where he left his clothes.”

Narong said the man been taken to Srithanya Hospital for treatment.


The man, who appeared disturbed, did not injure anyone or “molest anyone with his touch,” Narong said.

News reports named him the “Mowgli of Vibhavadi” in reference to the naked, feral protagonist of “The Jungle Book.”