'Nong Cartoon' Alleged Murderer Has No Known Family

Mr. Nui showing the police the spot where he allegedly raped and murdered his 6 year old victim, 17 December 2013

(17 December) The police have escorted the homeless man accused of raping and murdering a 6 year old girl to stage a crime re-enactment at his crime scene in Bangkok suburb.


As expected, large crowd gathered around the secluded area near Soi Sukhumvit 105 and Bearing BTS Station, where the rape and murder are believed to take place, to shout abuses and curses at the 36 year old suspect, named simply as Mr. Nui.
Mr. Nui has confessed that he has lured nong Cartoon away from the pick-up truck where his father had left her to sleep on her own on 6 December. He said he later took her to the secluded spot, then proceeded to rape and murder her. The suspect was arrested on Sunday.
One company of police had to shield Mr. Nui from the angry crowd who bellowed their threats against him during the crime re-enactment. 
He was later sent to be detained at Phra Kanong Court; the police have contested his rights to be released on bail. A police officer said the police are additionally investigating Mr. Nui′s claim that he had murdered other girls he had raped. 
The police are also struggling to find details of Mr. Nui′s background. Pol.Col.Lt Sitthisak Nakhamart of Bangna Police Station said Mr. Nui has no registered surname and the national ID card database does not contain information about him. 
"The only papers he had on him is certificates of his boy scout classes," and documents related to his previous imprisonment in Khon Kaen province, Pol.Col. Lt Sitthisak said. Both documents identified Mr. Nui only by his first name, he added.
The officer said investigations suggested that Mr. Nui was an orphan with no known family members. He was raised by adoptive parents in Khon Kaen until they passed away, Pol.Col.Lt Sitthisak said, leaving him on his own.
Records say the suspect was also housed in state shelter home for some time, and he later committed crimes which landed him in Khon Kaen prison, the officer said. 

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