Masseuse Puzzles Over Very Rude Vandalism

A police officer inspects the car of Thitirat Lheesuwan, 43, on Saturday after it was mysteriously painted with offensive language in Ratchaburi province.

RATCHABURI — Thitirat Lheesuwan was surprised but not impressed that someone decided to decorate her car with rude words just before Valentine’s.

The 43-year-old masseuse Saturday morning discovered her car was painted in red with some rather offensive comments about her. She told Ratchaburi police that she suspected the perpetrator was a customer she refused to flirt with, or the jealous wife of a customer who might have gotten her wrong.

The graffiti did not consist of more than crude insults.

Thitirat told police she parked the car in front of her home at 11pm on Friday night after finishing work and covered it under a grey blanket, according to Lt. Col. Anek Butdee. Her neighbors said they heard a dog barking at 3am but didn’t think it was suspicious.

Police said they will review footage from nearby security cameras to track down the rude graffiti artist.