Power Bank Explosion at CNX Caused by Leaked Liquid: Official

Image: Airports of Thailand

CHIANG MAI — The explosion of a power bank at Chiang Mai Airport last week was caused by leaked liquid inside an American tourist’s backpack, officials said Friday.

Deputy airport director Thananrat Prasertsri said an investigation established the liquid seeped out of either a water bottle or perfume bottle in the tourist’s bag. The liquid then ignited the 20,000 milliamp power bank just as the tourist was about to enter the airport building on July 21, Thananrat said.


Security camera footage of the incident shows the tourist feeling something burning in her bag before throwing it on the ground. The backpack soon catches fire and explodes. No injury was reported.


The tourist, who was not named, was using the power bank to charge a mobile phone at the time, Thananrat said.

Thananrat advised travelers to separate their power banks from bottles containing liquid in their bags as a safety precaution.