Beaches at Phuket to Reopen as COVID-19 Cases Subside

Beaches on Phuket island are sealed off to deter gatherings during the coronavirus pandemic.

BANGKOK (Xinhua) — Phuket Provincial Governor Phatkhapong Thaviphat on Sunday announced that Phuket beaches will reopen this Tuesday as there had not been a single new infection on the island for the past 15 days.

“The Phuket provincial communicable diseases committee had assessed the COVID-19 pandemic situation in the province, and expressed confidence that the province is able to control the spread of the virus,” said the governor, “hence, it is safe for beach goers to enjoy the sandy white beaches, the water and the sun.”

He added, however, that beachgoers will be required to observe basic guidelines, such as social distancing.

Local administrative organizations and the provincial administration will meet on Monday to work on additional guidelines for visitors to follow.


Phuket in late March ordered a shutdown to its venues, beaches, hotels and places as they were seen as places that could attract crowds and increase the risk of COVID-19 transmission.


Since then, there have been very few remaining tourists left on the island.

Also, Phuket airport is not scheduled to reopen until June 15, for domestic travel only.

From Jan 5 to last Friday, there were a total of 227 confirmed coronavirus infections in Phuket, more than any other province except Bangkok. Of the 227 people diagnosed, 224 have recovered and been discharged from hospital. There were three deaths.