Police Charge Woman for Patricide, Stabbing Genitals

Police at the scene on June 16, 2020.
Police at the scene on June 16, 2020.

BANGKOK — A woman accused of stabbing her father to death was charged with homicide, police said Wednesday.

Bunyada Junjuang, 28, was arrested this morning for killing her father, Kasem Bunyachon, 58, inside his home in Lak Si district.

Bunyada stabbed the victim in the forehead and genitals, though the motive for the murder is yet to be concluded, deputy superintedent of Thung Song Hong police station Surin Phurit said.

Lt. Col. Surin said the suspect has a history of substance abuse and was unable to answer questions. She appeared to be weary and incoherent when she was arrested on a road not far from the scene a few hours after the murder.


Bunyada’s mother and Kasem’s ex-wife, Chiaranai Junjuang, 52, told the media that Bunyada did not stay with her father and would only visit him from time to time.

Apart from having a history of drug abuse, Chiaranai said the two were not on good terms since Kasem was ill-tempered and had a history of sexually assaulting his daughter when she was as young as 10 years old.


According to police, a witness said Bunyada told her father to go inside the house before she came out about 10 minutes later. No one heard a row or scream from inside the house since there was heavy rain when the incident took place.

Bunyada, with her clothes stained with blood, then fled the scene and threw the knife into a trash can in front of a nearby convenience store before being arrested.

Police will wait for her to recover before beginning questioning her, deputy superintendent Surin said.