Politico, Activist to Question Why ‘Boss Red Bull’ Isn’t Indicted

In this April 5, 2017, file photo, Vorayuth
In this April 5, 2017, file photo, Vorayuth "Boss" Yoovidhya, whose grandfather co-founded energy drink company Red Bull, walks to get in a car as he leaves a house in London. Photo: Matt Dunham, File / AP

BANGKOK — Police said the decision to drop all charges against a billionaire scion who allegedly killed a policeman with his Ferrari in 2012 is in compliance with the justice system.

Police spokesman Col. Kissana Phathana-charoen said the decision by the prosecutors must be respected by investigators, but a lawmaker and a pro-democracy activist said they would continue to question why Vorayuth “Boss” Yoovidhya was never brought to trial. 

“We are looking at the evidence,” Col. Kissana said. “We’re not applying double standards. In the criminal justice system there are checks and balances, we don’t just operate according to what society wants. It all depends on the evidence.”

He added, “Every police officer involved in the case since 2012 conducted their duty admirably.”


Vorayuth, whose family owns the Red Bull empire, is accused of crashing into a policeman on duty with his Ferrari and fleeing the scene. His family soon identified one of their security guards as the driver instead, but investigators ruled out the possibility. 

For the crimes, Vorayuth originally faced three charges, two of which expired while he spent a jet-setting life in and outside Thailand. Col. Kissana said his heaviest charge, causing death by reckless driving, was dropped back in June. 

The spokesman also confirmed Vorayuth would be able to return to Thailand after his charges were all dropped. Police are still unaware of his whereabouts at the moment, Kissana said.  

“Are the police sad about this case? Of course I’m sad. One of our own died,” another police spokesman, Piya Utayo, said. “But the investigation process has to follow the legal process. 

“When the attorney general dropped the charges, then that’s that,” Piya continued. “Don’t forget that the victim here is also the police.” 

But there are others who refuse to accept the police’s version of the story. Phalang Pracharath party’s Bangkok MP Sira Jenjaka said by phone that he would pursue why the charges against Vorayuth are dropped. 

“Jail is not only for the poor,” Sira said.

In a phone interview, the MP said he would put the question to the police commissioner general, Thonglor police, and the Office of the Attorney General in person. 


Activist Arnon Nampha also said the issue will be brought up at the anti-government protest scheduled to take place at Kasetsart University this afternoon.

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