Driver Takes Down 12 Utility Poles, Injuring 7

SAMUT PRAKAN — Seven people were wounded after a pickup truck driver crashed into a utility pole Friday, causing widespread damage and cutting off electricity at a busy stretch of road in Samut Prakan.

A total of 12 utility poles were brought down by Siriprapha Po-mhoo, 25, who drove her truck at top speed into one of them on Sukhumvit Road in front of Samut Prakan Technical College. At least 15 vehicles were also damaged. Major congestion is reported in the area.

“There’s a lot of traffic right now. We’re trying our fastest to clear the road of debris,” Police Col. Pisut Jantasuwan said. “As for electricity, that will probably return late at night since we have to lay down new lines and put up new poles.”

Pisut said five people were in Siriprapha’s car. Siriprapha and a passenger were gravely injured.


“Her injuries are still very serious right now, so we didn’t charge her yet,” Pisit said.


Citing eyewitness accounts and CCTV footage, police said Sirprapha lost control of her vehicle at the curve. The accident came just as many commuters are leaving Bangkok for a New Year’s Eve vacation.

Police also said accidents around the vicinity are common, with a fatal accident occurring just last month.

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