4 Richest Indonesians Wealthier Than Poorest 100 Million

A 2011 photo showing Indonesian rupiahs. Photo: JasonParis / Flickr

JAKARTA  A report on inequality in Indonesia says its four richest men now have more wealth than 100 million of the country’s poorest people.

The report by Oxfam says Indonesia, with a population of more than 250 million, has the sixth-worst inequality in the world.


It blames “market fundamentalism” that has allowed the richest to capture most of the benefits of nearly two decades of strong economic growth and pervasive gender inequality.

The report says extreme poverty has declined sharply since 2000 but 93 million Indonesians still live on less than USD $3.10 a day, which is defined by the World Bank as the moderate poverty line.


Oxfam says social instability could increase if the government doesn’t tackle the gap between rich and poor.