South Korea’s Moon Willing to Meet North’s Kim

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un waves at parade participants in 2016 at the Kim Il Sung Square in Pyongyang, North Korea. Photo: Wong Maye-E / Associated Press

SEOUL, South Korea — South Korea’s president says he’s willing to meet North Korean leader Kim Jong Un under certain conditions, after their countries agreed in high-level talks to cooperate in next month’s Winter Olympics in South Korea.


President Moon Jae-in said Wednesday he’s open to meeting with Kim to resolve the North Korean nuclear standoff. But he says the success of such a summit must be guaranteed before the meeting can be realized.

Moon also says he will call for more talks with North Korea to help defuse the nuclear issue.

On Tuesday, the Koreas held their first high-level talks in two years. North Korea agreed to send a delegation to the Games and both sides agreed to hold talks on reducing tensions along their border.