China Slams US Congressman’s Hong Kong Remark

Taxis hanging China's national flags rally on the main streets of Hong Kong on Aug. 23, 2019. Photo: Liu Dawei / Xinhua
Taxis hanging China's national flags rally on the main streets of Hong Kong on Aug. 23, 2019. Photo: Liu Dawei / Xinhua

HONG KONG (Xinhua) — The Office of the Commissioner of the Chinese Foreign Ministry in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) on Sunday rejected some U.S. congressmen’s remarks on Hong Kong and strongly condemned their blatant interference in China’s internal affairs.

“We strongly condemn the concerned U.S. politicians’ blatant interference in the Hong Kong affairs, which are China’s internal affairs, by ignoring the facts and confounding black and white with a malicious intent,” a spokesperson of the commissioner’s office said in a statement released late Sunday.

The statement was in response to the recent remarks by Chairman of the U.S. House Committee on Foreign Affairs Eliot Engel and Congressman Michael McCaul on the violent radicals’ acts in Hong Kong, which slandered the Chinese central government’s policies for Hong Kong and pointed fingers at the law-based governance of the HKSAR government, the spokesperson said.

The egregious character of the ruthless acts by a small number of extreme rioters in Hong Kong is rare in the world, and the Hong Kong police had no choice but to use the minimum level of force to maintain social order and peace. It is not difficult for any unbiased person to identify the cause and effect, and distinguish between right and wrong, the spokesperson said.

However, some U.S. congressmen told lies unblinkingly, brazenly beautifying the rioters while nitpicking the policemen who have been enduring humiliation, the spokesperson pointed out.

“Do you really expect the police to stand aside with folded arms and let the rule of law in Hong Kong to degenerate? When similar violent acts happened in the U.S., you never hesitated to condemn verbally and in writing and strongly suppress them. Every righteous person will be indignant over and will despise this kind of hypocritical double standards and shameless logic of bandits,” said the spokesperson.


The extreme violence has lasted for more than two months in Hong Kong, causing serious damage to the economy, the society and people’s livelihood, the spokesperson said, but some U.S. politicians still applauded the extremists and rioters in a blatant display of their hope for a messier Hong Kong.

It’s very clear for the people to see they are the “black hands” behind the current chaos in Hong Kong, said the spokesperson.

Hong Kong is a part of China and the Hong Kong affairs are the pure internal affairs of China, the spokesperson said, urging those U.S. politicians to immediately stop interfering in Hong Kong affairs, otherwise they would end up lifting a rock only to drop it on their own feet.