Protesters Belt out Karaoke in New Hong Kong Protest Method

Local residents sing a theme song written by protesters
Local residents sing a theme song written by protesters "Glory be to thee" at a shopping mall in Hong Kong Wednesday, Sept. 11, 2019. Photo: Vincent Yu / AP

HONG KONG — Thousands of activists have belted out protest karaoke in Hong Kong shopping malls in the latest act of resistance in the semi-autonomous Chinese territory.


The participants sang “Glory to Hong Kong” at several malls Wednesday night in a respite from recent violence during the monthslong protests pushing for democratic reforms.

The song was penned anonymously and has been adopted as the protesters’ anthem. The lyrics reflect protesters’ vow not to surrender despite a government concession to axe an extradition bill that sparked the unrest.

At the New Town Plaza in Sha Tin district, some 2,000 people spread across several floors chanted slogans and crooned the song in an emotional scene, with some crying and many lifting their hands in the air.