London Commuters Scuffle With Climate Activists

Climate change protesters lie in to joined bathtubs as the demonstrate in Trafalgar Square in London, Thursday, Oct. 10, 2019. Image: AP

LONDON (AP) — Angry commuters have scuffled with climate activists who climbed onto the roofs of trains, snarling services in the busy morning rush hours in the British capital.

Television images showed at least one man reaching up and grabbing the leg of a protester on top of a Tube train, dragging him onto the platform.


British Transport Police say they were called to three stations in east London early Thursday after protesters climbed onto the roofs of trains or glued themselves to the carriages.


Robin Boardman, a spokesman for the Extinction Rebellion protesters, says that if such action is necessary to make the government take notice, “then this is what we must do.”

Police say they arrested a total of eight people and urged protesters not to target London’s underground rail network.