Campus Survey Reveals Regret After Online Impulse Buying

Students of Shanghai Jiaotong University are looking for their deliveries at a self pick-up station on Nov. 13, 2019. (Xinhua/Fang Zhe)

BEIJING (Xinhua) — A survey has found that nearly 87 percent of college student respondents bought things they do not actually need online and 77.53 percent felt regret about it.

The survey was conducted by Xiaomei, a shared platform for campus media created by the China Youth Daily, on 792 students across the country.


Reflecting on the reason of such purchases, 68.77 percent said it was just impulse buying, while nearly 20 percent admitted that they bought the add-on items to meet the threshold for free shipping or bigger discounts.

About 50 percent said the unnecessary items often end up in some forgotten places, said the survey report published Monday.


Sales of Alibaba’s e-commerce platform Tmall hit 268.4 billion yuan (about 38.3 billion U.S. dollars) in the “Double 11” online shopping spree on Nov. 11.