Pheu Thai Women MPs Condemn "Chai Ratchawatra"

(3 May) A group of Pheu Thai female MPs issued a joint statement condemning the cartoonist who compared PM Yingluck Shinawatra to a prostitute.

The Thai Rath′s longtime cartoonist, known by his pen name Chai Ratchawatra, had posted on his Facebook account that "A whore sells only her body. An evil woman sells her country", alongside picture of Ms Yingluck.

The Pheu Thai women MPs were represented by Ms. Sunee Luengvichit who said during a press conference at Pheu Thai Party headquarters that the cartoonist′s remark "violates women′s rights and damages [the Prime Minister′s] reputation"

"Gentlemen don?t do this sort of things. His remark is distortion of fact and ignores his professional ethics," Ms. Sunee said.


Khaosod has received an English translation of the statement by the group, which can be found below:

Pheu Thai Party, 3 May 2013

Reference is made to Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra′s speech in Mongolia. She was honored with an opportunity to deliver a speech on Democracy during her visit to Mongolia. In her speech, she mentioned the coup d? etat on 19 September 2006 and stated that in Thailand anti-democratic forces still exist. Later, Somchai Katanyutanan or Chai Ratchawat, a famous Thairath cartoonist, posted a defamatory message in Facebook "Please understand that whores are not bad women. They just sell their bodies. Bad women, on the other hand, sell their country." together with a photo of the Prime Minister and the President of Mongolia.

Pheu Thai Party Women MPs regard the above-mentioned Facebook message as a violation of women′s rights and insult on women.


On the one hand, it accuses women of being whores who sell their bodies. Although the message does not refer to a specific person, it reflects the opinion of the author which is insulting the female sex. As women and men have equal rights, this kind of comment is very inappropriate and is a serious violation of his professional ethics. It deserve an open condemnation.

On the other hand, the accusation of the Prime Minister of being a bad woman selling her country is a distortion of truth and cause serious damage to the Prime Minister as the Head of the Executive. It represents a disrespect of the leader of his own country. The comment was made despite the fact that the Prime Minister′s speech is truthful in relation to what happened in the country after the coup on 19 September 2006 and states a fact that the anti-democratic forces still exist. No part of it causes any damage to the country. Quite the opposite, it shows the international community the will of Thailand and of the Government to create democracy. Chai Ratchawat′s defamatory comment calling the country′s leader a whore is totally unacceptable.

For the above reasons, Pheu Thai Party women MPs hereby condemns the action of Somchai Katanyutanan (Chai Ratchawat) as professionally unscrupulous and unethical. It was an irresponsible comment. We call for him to apologize the Prime Minister and the women. We also call for all women to show their disapproval of such action. Pheu Thai Party women MPs will later make a request to the Thai Journalists Association and other relevant organizations to inquire after and condemn the action of this person.