Fearful of PCAD Shutdown, DSI Evacuates Files

Anti-government protesters storming the office of Division of Special Investigation, November 2013

(9 January) The Division of Special Investigation (DSI) has been ordered to evacuate important documents in preparation for the anti-government protesters' "shutdown" of Bangkok on 13 January.


Mr. Thawatchai Thaikeaw, Deputy Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Justice, said the operation of the Ministry will function normally to facilitate the public′s needs despite the the plan by the People′s Committee for Absolute Democracy With the King As Head of State (PCAD) to stage major rallies across Bangkok and "shutdown" the capital city.
While some officials would be stationed at its headquarters in Government Complex on Chaengwattana Road, others would be working from their homes. 
“High-ranking officials, from Director and above, are instructed to come [to work] at the Ministry. However, some officers may be instructed otherwise”, Mr. Thawatchai said, “for those whose job is accessible from home, they are allowed to work outside the Ministry"
The Government Complex is one of PCAD′s targets for the "shutdown". If the protesters decide to prolong their rallies at the Complex, Mr. Thawatchai said, the Ministry will be operating from temporary workplaces outside the Complex. 
For now, though, the Ministry is focused on closing cases that are due to expire or cases of urgent matter, according to Mr. Thawatchai.
"If some emergency happens, it won?t affect [the public]", said the Deputy Permanent Secretary, "However, 
He added that the Ministry does not forbid its officials from joining PCAD rallies, but encourages them to do so only outside office hours. 
It is also reported that the Division of Special Investigation (DSI) had moved important files and other equipment to other places, following the instruction from the Ministry.
Mr. Thawatchai explained that the move was necessary as anti-government protesters have besieged the Division′s headquarters many times. "Now, there is nothing to worry about," he said.
Governmental institutions under the oversight of the Ministry of Justice at Government Complex include the DSI, Right and Liberty Protection Department, Department of Juvenile Observation and Protection, Department of Probation, and Central Institute of Forensic Science.

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