Pro-Govt Lecturer Loses Contract With Chulalongkorn

Ms. Suda Rungkupan

BANGKOK — A pro-government lecturer says Chulalongkorn University has terminated a working contract with her, a decision she attributed to political disagreement.

According to Ms. Suda Rangukan, her annual contract with the university's Faculty of Arts was over by 31 March, and the administration was supposed to renew the contract with her, but she was recently informed that the university has decided otherwise, citing her "average" academic performance.

Although the decision does not mention any political reasons, Ms. Suda said the administration has previously voiced its concern over her political activism with the Redshirt movement, such as her role as the leader of the Declaration of Street Justice group.

Ms. Suda claimed she was also informed by a high-ranking official at the university that a Senate committee has questioned the university administration about Ms. Suda's involvement with a satirical traditional Chinese opera that criticizes the Thai establishment.


She said she will appeal the university's decision to terminate her contract, explaining that she wants to see fairness in the employment system at Chulalongkorn; she believes many university employees have been treated unfairly by the "outsourcing" structure Chulalongkorn adopted after the 2006 military coup. 

"What is worse than my case is … some senior lecturers in the bureaucracy who can simply extend their own working contracts endlessly," Ms. Suda told Khaosod, "They can get the retirement money and still receive salary from the university."

Ms. Suda added that she is determined to continue her political activism despite the university's decision.  



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