Redshirt Leader Imprisoned After Bail Revoked

Redshirt leader Jatuporn Prompan seen in front of the Criminal Court in Bangkok Tuesday morning.

BANGKOK — Prominent Redshirt leader Jatuporn Prompan was imprisoned Tuesday morning after the court revoked his bail.

The Criminal Court ruled Tuesday that Jatuporn violated the preconditions of his temporary release, as it deemed his comments on Thailand’s current political situation, which were broadcasted on Redshirt television channel Peace TV and in public interviews in repeated occasions in 2015, instigated unrest in the society.

Jatuporn’s comments involved issues such as the scandalous Rajabhakti Park case and the conflict over the appointment of the new Supreme Patriarch.

“The charge for which I was tried should also be the charge for which I will be convicted,” Jatuporn said before entering court this morning, showing a backpack in which he had already packed some belongings.


“They’ve brought up my comment from 2015, saying it instigated unrest. Now it’s 2016 and there is still no unrest,” he said.

Jatuporn along with another four Redshirt leaders, Veerakan Musikapong, Nattawut Saikua, Weng Tojirakarn and Nisit Sinthuprai, had been granted bail in 2011, after they were arrested in 2010 for leading an anti-government Redshirt protest, for which they are being tried under charges of inciting terrorism.

The Department of Special Investigation (DSI) last month proposed the court to revoke their bails, saying their broadcast interviews defamed others and incited public turmoil.


The other four leaders were deemed to have made criticisms within their legal rights, hence their bails were not revoked.

Jatuporn was immediately taken to Bangkok Remand Prison after this morning’s ruling.

His lawyer, Winyat Chartmontree, said they will propose warranty in order to seek for the court’s approval to a temporary release in two weeks.