Image: empty007 / Flickr

BANGKOK — That next lager or ciggie could help put some food on grannie’s table.

The interim parliament voted Thursday to shift a portion of the so-called sin taxes to fund a welfare allowance for the elderly living below the poverty line.

Passed unanimously with 181 voting for and none against, the Elderly Act of 2017 calls for 2 percent of taxes collected from alcohol and tobacco products each year to be transferred to a welfare fund for eligible senior citizens.

The amount shifted from state coffers must not exceed 4 billion baht per year, according to the law.

Bill proponent Polawat Sirodom told the assembly only elderly people who earn less than 100,000 baht annually could qualify for the fund. They must also be registered with the government’s “poor card” welfare system to get the benefits.

Officials will work out later how much each eligible person will receive from the fund, Polawat said.