Student Protest Marks 6 Years Since Prayut’s Coup

Students protest in front of the army headquarters on May 22, 2020.

BANGKOK —  University students staged a brief protest in front of the Royal Thai Army HQ to mark the 6th anniversary of the May 2014 military coup on Friday.

Two cloth banners were unveiled in front of the army HQ on Ratchadamnoen Avenue shortly before 11am. The messages include a call for the reduction of armed forces budgets, and more spending to alleviate the impacts from the coronavirus pandemic.

Another banner called the military “grey armed forces,” meaning they are far from a transparent agency. 

The protesters, numbering fewer than 10, are representatives from the students network. They maintained social distancing and wore sanitary masks while holding the banners.



Large student protests broke out earlier this year following a court verdict that disbanded a popular pro-democracy party. The demonstrations waned as threats of COVID-19 grew, forcing many to stay indoor and avoid large gatherings.

The protesters left after 10 minutes to stage another brief protest in front of the Government House.

Police monitored the protesters but no arrest was made.