Kimi Wa Candidate: Politico Runs for Office With Anime Poster

RAYONG — An opposition politician’s campaign in a local election went viral on social media Monday for posters that depict her as a cutesy anime girl.

A Move Forward party member’s campaign posters for local office depicted her as a in photos that went viral Monday

Move Forward Party member Sawangjit Laoharojanapan, who’s running for Rayong’s Provincial Administration Organization or Aor Bor Jor, said she hoped the unorthodox posters would send a message that her party wanted to connect with the younger generations. 

“Our team has a lot of young, forward-thinking people,” Sawangjit said by phone Monday. “I wanted to show with this poster that we represent a new way of thinking and use the new media of the youth. 


Posted by สว่างจิตต์ เลาหะโรจนพันธ์ on Sunday, November 1, 2020

She added, “I want to see change in Rayong, and this cartoon is a symbol of that.” 

“Changing Thailand starts with Rayong. For a better Rayong. Sawangjit Laoharojanapan,” each poster says, accompanied by an anime drawing of the 56-year-old candidate. 


Sawangjit’s team hired the “democracy-loving” CupCat Studio for the poster design. She said it’s her first time to be depicted in anime form. 

“When I saw it, I really loved it. It has all of my characteristics and details, even my little earrings,” she said.

Candidates for the Aor Bor Chor race can register from Monday through Friday. It’s set to be the first local election since PM Prayut Chan-o-cha seized power in the 2014 coup.