French Expat Branded ‘Persona Non Grata,’ to be Deported

Yan Marchal.

Update: Yan Marchal was deported from Thailand on Saturday night.

BANGKOK — Long-time French expat and critic of the monarchy Yan Marchal has been denied reentry to Thailand Saturday morning and is being expelled to Paris from Suvarnabhumi Airport tonight.

Marchal said on the phone from Phuket airport shortly after 7am Saturday that immigration police told him that he is a threat to national security for attacking the monarchy and will be forced to take a flight back to Paris.

“I knew it was a possibility…They say it’s because of my behaviour posting on Facebook. I will try to call the embassy and see but I don’t think they can do much,” said the Tiktok star widely followed in Thailand. “Basically the officer told me I am attacking the king, causing problems for the king.”



Marchal was forced to fly from Phuket to Suvarnabhumi, arriving around noon today. He was informed that the ticket for Paris from Bangkok will cost 12,750 baht. Marchal showed an official letter he received stating that he is being expelled because he exhibits “behavior which would indicate possible danger to public.”

The notice says that Marchal may lodge an appeal to immigration within 48 hours. His lawyer, Natalie Bergman, said on the phone at 10am Saturday that she will lodge an appeal later today.

“[Immigration] officers cannot force him out [of Thailand]. Yan has no criminal case against him, nothing. He has an occupation and children [in Thailand], but the immigration police letter stated that he poses “possible danger to public.” They need to clearly explain because it affects [his] rights.”
Asked whether he thinks Thailand, his adopted home for 18 years, is turning dictatorial, the 48-year-old software business entrepreneur and Tiktoker with more than 566,000 followers said. “That’s what it is.”