JD Central and JD.Com Joins Government to Create Sustainable Jobs, Pushing Thai SME to Global Market (Sponsored)

JD CENTRAL and JD.com enter to strategic partnership with Thai Government aims to enhance Thailand’s competitiveness to create sustainable jobs pushing Thai SME to standout in global market.

  • JD CENTRAL, an e-commerce joint venture between JD.com and Central Group, together with JD.com, the largest retailer in China, signed three Memorandums of Understanding (MOU) with the Department of International Trade Promotion (DITP) under the Ministry of Commerce, the Digital Economy Promotion Agency (depa) under the Ministry of Digital Economy and Society and University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce (UTCC)
  • The MOUs indicate the e-commerce giants’ commitment to Thailand, with key initiatives such as enhancing competitiveness of Thai SMEs and pushing Thai products to enter international market, providing IT Solutions for logistics and supply chain development, and empowering Thai students with digital e-commerce skills. This demonstrates the commitment of the Thai e-commerce giant in enhancing the competitiveness of Thai SMEs in a global scale.
  • Currently, JD CENTRAL and JD.com have brought quality Thai products to Chinese consumers via JD Thailand Official Flagship Store on JD.com.


Bangkok, December 17, 2018 – Today Mr. Yol Phokasub, Chairman of the Board of Central JD Commerce, sign and witness the three Memorandums of Understanding (MOU) between JD CENTRAL and JD.com with the Department of International Trade Promotion (DITP), the Digital Economy Promotion Agency (depa), and the University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce (UTCC). The strategic partnership between the major e-commerce companies, the Thai public sectors, and the university shows support of Thailand 4.0 policy and Thailand’s bid to become a major e-commerce hub for ASEAN in the near future


The collaboration comes to fruition after the official launch of JD CENTRAL earlier in September, and represents a major step towards the company’s pledge to reinforce technological development and economic prosperity in Thailand. The MOUs mark a crucial milestone for JD CENTRAL, JD.com, and Thai government sector as well as the university to forge a longstanding relationship that will help lay the foundation of e-commerce and e-logistics infrastructure, which not only profoundly contribute to the digitalization of Thailand and accelerate Thai businesses’ capacity in the global market but also enhance Thai students learning experience to achieve working-level digital literacy in preparation for the digital business world in a sustainable way.


Mr. Yol Phokasub, Chairman of the Board, Central JD Commerce, remarked, “JD Central has recognized the potential and growth of the eCommerce market in Thailand, thus collaborate with Thai governments and educational institutions in today’s MOU ceremony. The partnership today emphasizes our aspiration to continuously further support the overall economy together with driving e-commerce growth at a global level. We have been launching JD Thailand Official Flagship Store on JD.com which allows Thai exports to sell in China and also offer innovative logistics and supply chain solutions to the government agencies which are keys to uplift the country’s infrastructure. Besides, empowering Thai educational personnel and students with real digital experience to produce skilled resources is also an important foundation for Thailand to fulfill e-commerce ecosystem as well”

Ms. Christine Wong, Vice President of International Government Affairs, JD.com said, “Over the past 10 years, we have continuously improved people’s lives, retail development and infrastructure in China through e-commerce and innovative technologies, making technology shaping life a reality. We believe that by working with DITP and depa, these solutions will be able to serve the people and enterprises in Thailand too, accelerating Thailand 4.0 scheme. Meanwhile, we will help companies to provide 100% Thailand excellence to overseas consumers who focusing on quality and authenticity.”


The scope of strategic cooperation between JD CENTRAL, JD.com, and DITP, seek to facilitate and promote cross border e-Trade, while enhancing Thai SMEs’ competitiveness. Such initiatives will help Thai businesses engage in global market and cross-border e-commerce to China. Thai SMEs will be able to access Chinese market through JD’s platforms and enjoy specialized training on cross border e-commerce, analytic on consumer insights, digital payments, and logistics. Meanwhile, synergy between Thaitrade.com and JD.com is encouraged, which will provide considerable business advantages such as business matchmaking for sellers and buyers, and the promotion of Thai products toward Chinese consumers on JD.com.

Miss Banjongjitt Angsusingh, Director General Department of International Trade Promotion (DITP) under the Ministry of Commerce said “One of DITP’s strategies is to ensure Thailand’s industry image as a quality producer and exporter. As key e-commerce players that value quality and authenticity, we believe that JD.com and JD CENTRAL will bring the value of trust and confidence in Thai products to the Chinese consumers who increasingly seek for high-quality goods. With the current surge of digital business trends, DITP’s partnership with JD.com and JD CENTRAL will surely boost economic prosperity in Thailand.”

On the other hand, the collaboration between JD CENTRAL, JD.com, and depa holds more value on technological development and technical knowledge sharing. The MOU supporting entrepreneurship and the digital technology sector will allow the development of logistics solution and supply chain system with Thailand Post Company Limited. Meanwhile, JD CENTRAL and JD.com will collaborate with depa in the area of automation and robotics, which will help pioneer projects that can efficiently increase production and significantly improve logistics service. Last but not least, E-learning center and Smart Cities Initiative will be established under this agreement. These projects will ensure Thai businesses with essential e-commerce skills and technological knowhow, enabling them to effectively operate in a highly digitalized environment.

Dr. Nuttapon Nimmanphatcharin, President of Digital Economy Promotion Agency (depa) under the Ministry of Digital Economy and Society said “In line with Thailand 4.0 policy, depa is obligated to pursue the development of digital infrastructure and proficiency that benefit Thai economy and society. With this partnership, Thailand can leverage the cutting-edge e-logistics innovation brought by JD.com and JD CENTRAL, which is essential to the ever-growing Thai e-commerce businesses. These initiatives can also spark further digital innovation in the country while benefiting development in social and economic dimensions.”C:\Users\dell\Downloads\khaosodenglishvip1425\5.JPG

Meanwhile, the commitment between JD CENTRAL and UTCC is also the key to enhance Thailand’s education to empower students’ first-hand knowledge in e-commerce towards digital transformation. JD CENTRAL will not only provide practical experience making them become more skillful and knowledgeable but also establish its learning and operational center to facilitate student engagement with e-commerce innovations. This include the Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology and Autonomous Technology which present opportunities that expected to broaden university experience through its teaching and learning activities.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Sauwanee Thairungroj, President of University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce said “University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce is the top university in trade and services. Being the first to offer logistics engineering programs in Thailand, we always strive to keep our students up-to-date. We are now introducing our students to Smart Logistics approaches. We also put a lot of emphasis on continuously developing digital and e-commerce skills for Thai entrepreneurs as well as students. For instance, we have an e-commerce training for our fourth-year students to equip them with preliminary e-commerce skills so that they can pursue a career in e-commerce after graduation. The academic partnership with JD CENTRAL reaffirms UTCC’s commitment to helping our students to have a better understanding of digital, e-commerce and logistics industries and gain a valuable work experience from the company through WiL (Work – integrated Learning).

Apart from the strategic partnership made with DITP, depa, and UTCC, JD CENTRAL and JD.com have made noticeable efforts in support of Thai economy and digital development. JD Thailand Official Flagship Store (thailand.jd.hk) by JD CENTRAL is a store where Chinese customers can find Thailand’s high-quality products on JD.com.  Launched in June 2018, the store acts as a gateway for Thai products to China. At present, the site hosts five categories with wide varieties of choices that are popular among Chinese consumers, including beauty, food and beverage, home living, healthcare, and medical care. Popular goods in the store include latex pillow and dried durian.


About JD.com


JD.com is a leading technology driven e-commerce company and retail infrastructure service provider in China. Its cutting-edge retail infrastructure enables consumers to buy whatever they want, whenever and wherever they want it. The company has opened its technology and infrastructure to partners, brands and other sectors, as part of its Retail as a Service offering to help drive productivity and innovation across a range of industries. JD.com is the largest retailer in China, a member of the NASDAQ100 and a Fortune Global 500 company.


JD CENTRAL is an e-commerce joint venture between Central Group, the biggest retail conglomerate in Thailand, and JD.com, the largest retailer in China. The company aims to provide the best e-commerce experience in Thailand, by offering the widest range of high-quality and authentic products from local and international brands at the best prices, along with quick, reliable, and efficient world-class logistics and delivery, together with best in class O2O integration. JD CENTRAL’s vision is to become No.1 Online Platform and most trusted brand in Thailand. Our core mission is to empower everyone by creating a joyful and hassle-free shopping experience. JD CENTRAL also seeks to play a leading role in enhancing the competitiveness of Thai SMEs globally and in helping Thailand uplift the country’s logistics infrastructure to an international standard. We are also committed to supporting Thailand’s bid to become a major e-commerce hub for ASEAN in the near future.