Moet & Chandon Rose Imperial and Exclusive Dinner by World Class Chef (Sponsored)

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Mr. Chayanond Jundusitpornchai, Marketing Director of Moët & Chandon enthused that, “Moet & Chandon Rose Imperial is champagne made with artistic process, starting with the blending of red and white wines under controlled measure to yield delicate pink hue, refreshing aromas of berries and smooth white fruit palate. It is no surprise that Moet & Chandon Rose Imperial became an instant hit as soon as it joined our portfolio in 1997. The crisp, refreshing fruity taste of Moet & Chandon Rose Imperial is especially popular with food in the summer, which is what Chef Pam is presenting this evening.”

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Chef Pam added that, “Highlight of dinner this evening is the main course, which was A5 Kobe rib eye steak where the fat marbles in the meat goes very well with Moet & Chandon Rose Imperial. At the same time, the unique palate and texture of the champagne balance the Kobe beef and further enhance its flavor.”


The history of sparkling rose wine from Champagne in France can be traced back to the 17th century when the blending of rose wine started under different names – from fauvelet, oeil de perdrix, vin gris, paillé, claire to pelure d’oignon. Moët & Chandon was commissioned to produce Roze for Napoleon Bonaparte and his mother Letizia in 1801 and has not stopped producing the same wine since.

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Moët & Chandon produces this pink champagne with the blend of Pinot Noir red grapes and Pinot Meunier white grapes. The blend has to be executed with high finesse and specific expertise to capture the pink hue, the fruity aromas and the delicate palate that are considered unique characters of Moet & Chandon Rose Imperial, which can be enjoy before or between meals.


When it comes to food and wine paring, most would think that a delicate pink champagne like Moet & Chandon Rose Imperial would go well with sweets, when it fact it can be paired with variety of savory dishes, especially the Mediterranean and Italian dishes that harbor simple flavors and highlight the natural taste of the ingredients, grilled or raw, such as beef carpaccio with olive oil and pepper or beef tartar. Moet & Chandon Rose Imperial also goes well with fish and seafood dishes such as fried fish, lobster bisque and mussel soup as well as cheese dishes like bruschetta. Thanks to its minimal sweetness, Moet & Chandon Rose Imperial is an excellent company to desserts such as sorbet and fruit salad.

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CELEBRATE THE MONTH OF LOVE WITH MOËT & CHANDON ROSÉ IMPÉRIAL at Thailand’s first chef’s table dinner with Moet & Chandon Rose Imperial kicked off with a refreshing champagne reception, followed by mini workshop for the four celebrity couples by Chef Pam to create rose sauce for the main course where Moet & Chandon Rose Imperial was blended with the sauce. The dinner capped off with colorful dessert, Mix Berry and Sabayon, served alongside Moet Rosé Sorbet with berries that highlighted the fruitiness of Moet & Chandon Rose Imperial. After the dinner, the guests were enticed with petite four game, where they discovered fun facts of Moet & Chandon Rose Imperial inside fortune cookies.

Moet & Chandon Rose Imperial is available at leading department stores, restaurants and hotel nationwide. For more information, please visit or Facebook: Moet & Chandon #MoetMoment