‘Organika House’ Unveils Luxury Cafe and Flagship Store ‘Organika Riviere’ at Iconsiam (Sponsored)

ORGANIKA HOUSE recently unveiled the 20-million baht luxury café and flagship store, ORGANIKA RIVIERE that entices sophisticated lifestyle enthusiasts with an array of sensational scents and exclusive lifestyle experiences at Siam Takashimaya in ICONSIAM.

Revered for the use of premium organic ingredients carefully sourced and finely selected from every corner of the world in their spa and aromatherapy products, ORGANIKA has become leading luxury spa and aromatherapy brand from Thailand that attracts a large high-end clientele, both local and international, who seek for natural remedies for their health, beauty and wellbeing. ORGANIKA is also a spa and aromatherapy brand highly recognized among local and international hotel brands.


After the launch of the brand’s first premium spa, café and flagship store in Piman 49 complex on Sukhumvit soi 49 and expansion to 4 branches in Siam Paragon (Level 1 and G), The Emporium (Level 4) and King Power at Suvarnabhumi International Airport, ORGANIKA also has presence in the spa at Taipei Marriott Hotel, paving ways to become the leader in spa and aromatherapy products and service providers. Most recently, ORGANIKA took on a new venture with a big surprise for those passionate about premium healthy food and luxurious scents, the 20-million baht ORGANIKA RIVIERE, which is a luxury café and the brand’s second flagship store in Thailand at Siam Takashimaya of ICONSIAM.

Sririta Jensen, Managing Director of ORGANIKA HOUSE, revealed that, “Spa and aromatherapy is a fast-growing business in the global market, especially in Thailand whose market value is 7,000 million baht, prompting ORGANIKA HOUSE to actively expand its business both in Thailand and overseas. This year will be a year that we expect a lot of changes and exponential growth. We will focus on more branches outside of shopping malls. These branches must be unique and express our brand’s identity and DNA to become our specialty and interesting flagship stores. This year we started with ORGANIKA RIVIERE at Siam Takashimaya in ICONSIAM that is a flagship store that distinguishes itself with uniqueness and characters – from the decoration, design, signature menus and scents exclusively created for this branch. We believe that these special features and unique characters will attract and impress patrons both from Thailand and other countries, especially those that enjoy Japanese-style lifestyle,” the brand’s executive said.


ORGANIKA RIVIERE is located on Level M, close to BTS connection at Siam Takashimaya in ICONSIAM. Spanning 77 square meters, 70% of the space is a café zone while the rest of 30% is dedicated to spa and aromatherapy retail. The décor is designed under the concept “Water of Scents”, inspired by water that is the source of fragrance and an element related to aromatherapy such as scented water, perfume, fragrance mix and so forth. Water is also the source of life for plants and trees and it symbolizes the living force for ORGANIKA HOUSE that successfully and beautifully nurtures the brand. The color green is hence used as the main palette to represent lush vegetation and natural streams, accented by luminous scented candles and mesmerizing lighting.

Besides being the only ORGANIKA HOUSE’s flagship store in green, ORGANIKA RIVIERE is also flavored with Japanese flair. The café’s signature menus, including the sweets and desserts, have green tea and even Japanese purple sweet potato as ingredients. The menu, available at this brand only, is also written in Japanese to offer authentic Japanese vibe.

As for the spa and aromatherapy products, those with passion in Japanese-inspired scents will enjoy ORGANIKA HOUSE’s latest exclusive collection, available only at this store. Highlight includes “Hill of Green Tea” scent that incorporates green tea with the aroma of oak moss and sweet basil to yield delicate scent that balances and soothes the mind from the busy lifestyle that also makes for an attractive home decorative item.


The collection also includes Pure Aroma Massage Candle, scented candle made from natural soy beans and other natural ingredient, which is rich in vitamin E, shea butter, magnolia extract and organic jojoba that deeply nourish the skin. The collection comes in relaxing white glass containers, which is ORGANIKA HOUSE’s new design.

Aromatic Ambiance Oil Mist is concocted from natural essential oil with no alcohol content, making it harmless to the health. Aromatic Scent Stone, made by hand by craftsmen in Chiang Mai, is baked to give delicate scent and helps create pleasant mood and eliminate unpleasant odor. The collection also includes Aromatic Diffuser that can create fragrant atmosphere anywhere. New and noted is the launch of the Diffuser that can play music via Bluetooth and changes lights to fit the mood, entice the 3 senses of smell, sound and sight. “Hill of Green Tea” collection, which is available at ORGANIKA RIVIERE, is sure to impress regular fans as well as attract tourists from Asia and Europe.


The brand’s big plan for 209 does not stop at the launch of ORGANIKA RIVIERE. The executive enthused that the brand has so many surprises in store for the fans throughout the year. “Throughout 2019 we have series of marketing and promotion plans to create brand awareness and instill brand image in the market. We will focus on Experience Marketing in every aspect of our service to better serve our customers, while at the same time give back to the society with social responsibility activities. We expect to make 200 million baht in sale this year from 6 business units: café, spa, home spa and aromatherapy, yoga, international and partnership marketing. Very soon, we will have another surprise with a new flagship store that will be even more iconic, with a touch of sanctuary and wellness elements,” Sririta explained about the business year plan for ORGANIKA HOUSE.

ORGANIKA HOUSE also aspires to venture in the business with sustainable growth with products and services developed with maximized benefits for the consumers. The brand also looks to create sustainable business partnership rather than boosting profits. So far ORGANIKA HOUSE put immense effort in developing new products from premium organic ingredients, as awarded by Eco Certification. For packaging, ORGANIKA HOUSE only uses recyclable and environmental friendly materials and regularly engages in CSR projects to sustain nature, including tree planting projects to expand forestland in Thailand. The brand also supports community economy by purchasing ingredients directly from the sources. This is to profess ORGANIKA HOUSE’s standpoint as a brand that deeply cares about the community and the environment.

ORGANIKA RIVIERE is now open at Level M, close to BTS connection, of Siam Takashimaya in ICONSIAM, with the official grand opening scheduled for February 26, 2019. Come and bask in the sensational scents, savor the luxurious lush garden by the Chao Phraya River and enjoy premium dishes by ORGANIKA HOUSE. For reservation, please contact 0-2665-1899. For more information, visit www.organikahouse.com.