Savor the Authentic Taste of “Lamian” at Marriott Marquis Queen’s Park

Bangkok, Thailand, June 3, 2019 –Noodles lovers don’t miss the chance to indulge in the authentic lamian, or traditional Chinese fresh dough noodles made by stretching and cutting, by Chef Gary Hu, special guest chef from Sheraton Zhuhai Hotel, China, who will be cooking up delectable lamian dishes from five regions of the country. One of which is the Lanzhou stretched noodles with beef, crowned the best noodles of China, that Chef Gary Hu will be cooking live for your excitement at brunch and dinner at Goji Kitchen + Bar, Bangkok Marriott Marquis Queens’s Park between June 21-30, 2019.

Bangkok Marriott Marquis Queen’s Park, Bangkok’s largest five-star hotel, entices noodles lovers with the sensational lamian noodles, the fresh dough stretched and cut noodles, at Goji Kitchen + Bar. The special promotion is presented by Chef Gary Hu, aspiring Chinese chef who has been in the noodles scene since very young age, and has overseen noodles menus for various top hotels, with five lamian dishes from five regions on China on offer.

Start off with “China’s best noodles” – Lanzhou stretched noodles with beef – which was created more than a hundred years ago by the Tong Sheng people in the northwest part of China. The noodles, made fresh and delectable by hand stretching, is served in clear both with braised beef, chili oil, red chili and cumin seed. This world-renowned “fast food” dish from China will be prepared by Chef Gary, who will be bringing special herbs and spices from China.

Shanxi sliced noodles, is a cut noodles dish served with herb braised pork. The noodles is made from wheat flour and cut meticulously with a special sharp knife that Chef Gary will bring with him from China. The method requires specific expertise and practice, while the diners will get to enjoy almost theatrical kung fu movement as the chef cut through the dough with the knife.


The Sichuan noodles with peppery sauce, also known as Dan Dan Noodles, is served with spicy sauce, minced pork and pickles. The unique Sichuan-style noodles is bursting with flavors of spices and the Sichuan pepper that gives tingling sensation at the tip of the tongue. Combined with mashed sesame, chili oil and crispy pickles from Tianjin, the dish is to die for.


The Qishan minced noodles has been ranked at the top of gourmands’ favorite list since the Qing Dynasty. The recipe requires only high quality wheat flour to create light, smooth, soft and slightly chewy noodles. Qishan’s renowned premium wheat flour is seasoned with minced pork, day lily, mushroom, tofu and assorted spices to make for a delicious and healthy dish.

Last but not least is the Biang Biang noodles, which is made by cutting and mixed with minced pork and fermented soy sauce. Originated from Shanxi, the name of the noodles comes from the sound of the dough as it is tossed into the air and drops on the wooden board, before it is rolled, stretched and cut into noodles, then served with powder chili, spring onion and other green. What makes it special is the unique aroma created by splashing piping hot oil on the chili. Combined with the perfume of spring onion and garlic, the dish can be made even more sensational with a dash of light soy sauce and vinegar.

Savor the taste and enjoy the theatrical preparation of lamian, traditional Chinese noodles, by Chef Gary Hu for dinner from 18.00 hrs. – 22.00 hrs. and Sunday brunch from 11.45 hrs. to 14.30 hrs. between June 21-30, 2019 at Goji Kitchen + Bar, Bangkok Marriott Marquis Queen’s Park. For more information, please contact 02 059 5999 or email [email protected].