CP Foods India Enters IFFO RS IP for Fishmeal Sustainable Production


PF (India) Private Limited, a subsidiary of CP Foods PCL, is ready to enter into IFFO RS Improver Program (IFFO RS IP) by this year making the first company in India to apply fishmeal sourcing and manufacturing in line with international sustainable standard.

Dr. Sujint Thammasart DVM, Chief Operating Officer – Aqua Business of CP Foods, said the plan of CPF India to apply IFFO RS IP this year will encourage the company prepares and improves operation. With the plan, the company will engage on stepping further for IFFO RS Standard certification, the world’s best practices of fishmeal and fish oil and traceability throughout the supply chain.

“CP Foods’ Aqua Business both in Thailand and the overseas investment have single-standard for sustainable procurement of raw materials. Particularly, we encourage fishing industry to work on international standard legally,” stressed Dr. Sujint.


Mr. Pichaiyut Tachapong, Senior Vice President for Quality Control of CPF India, said applying IFFO RS IP is the beginning step to improve and review its fishmeal procurement system to ensure that it is well done under laws and international standards. It is also drawn a strong intention to reduce environmental impacts and preserve balance of nature. The plan will allow the company engages legal fishing with appropriate fishing equipment which will not create any extinction of some fish species.

“Following the IFFO RS IP guideline will kick off CPF India steps further to achieve IFFO RS Standard in the future. It will confirm that the company’s fishmeal come from legal practices and sources without IUU fishing,” pointed Mr. Pichaiyut.

Besides, CPF India also fully supports India Government and Omega fishmeal and Oil Private Limited to draft the country’s sustainable fishing and sourcing action plan (Fishery Improvement Project Action Plan) for IFFO RS approval.

So far, 100% fishmeal in Thailand has been certified by IFFO RS. CP Foods also encourages its subsidiary in Vietnam to apply IFFO RS IP which target to achieve IFFO RS by 2022. In addition, it plans to extend such good practices to the Philippines and Malaysia.