High Quality Knee Replacement Costs in Thailand

Knee Replacement costs in Thailand are much lower than in most countries around the world. The benefit of having knee replacement surgery performed in Thailand is the quality of medical care.

Thailand has built an industry around its recognized ability to provide a level of quality in its medical services and care that far exceed comparable standards around the world.

People from all over the world travel to Thailand to take advantage of the country’s superior medical care and low costs. Medical tourism has become a major part of Thailand’s flourishing tourism industry. And the knee replacement costs in Thailand make it a popular destination for people who are forced to undergo knee replacement surgery.

Knee Replacement Procedure

Knee replacement surgery is often needed when the knee has experienced a large amount of damage due to various types of arthritis. The procedure is also called knee arthroplasty.

Plastic and metal parts are used to form a prosthesis. The metal parts of the prosthesis are in contact with the tibia and femur. The plastic parts serve as artificial cartilage between the tibia and femur to cushion the bones where they meet. This prosthesis takes the place of the original knee and is generally made up of three components.

The tibial component is placed at the top of the tibia (shin bone) and supports the bottom of the artificial knee. Likewise, the femur component is placed at the bottom of the femur and anchors the top of the prosthesis. Finally, an artificial patella (kneecap) is placed over the femur component to serve as a new kneecap. This protects the joint and provides a normal appearance. The knee’s natural ligaments on either side of the knee are preserved to hold the knee prosthesis together.

Knee Replacement Costs in Thailand

The costs of having a total knee replacement performed in Thailand average around THB 275,000, or about US $9,000. This includes after-care and medications. By comparison, a total knee replacement procedure averages around US $15,000 in both Germany and England and the USA averages US $50,000.

This is why medical tourism is a fast-growing industry. The costs of having this procedure performed are so high in other developed nations that people save money by taking a holiday and having the procedure performed in Thailand.

Recuperation in Thailand

People planning to have a total knee replacement procedure performed in Thailand should plan to spend at least a month in the country. The hospitalisation period after the procedure takes about five days. Several weeks of physical therapy are required after that.

Patients generally get around on crutches or walking frames during the recuperative period. You’ll be assigned to a physical therapist who will have you perform exercises during this period to build up the strength of the surrounding muscles and ligaments.

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