Hotel with a Restaurant on the Chao Phraya River

Booking a hotel with a restaurant on the Chao Phraya River enables you to enjoy all the sights along the main waterway of Bangkok. You’ll be able to enjoy alfresco dining and see the constantly changing sights as boats and ships of all sizes glide past you.

Riverside Transportation Hub of Bangkok

The Chao Phraya River has for centuries been the riverside transportation hub of Bangkok, connecting to cities, towns, and villages all over central Thailand. With the advent of the canals that crisscross the central plains of the country, Bangkok soon established itself as a vast transfer area for Thai manufactured goods and crops beings shipped overseas from Thailand.

The river also served as the quickest distribution route for trade goods being shipped in from foreign countries. The products came on huge ships, were transferred to smaller freighters, and finally to small boats owned by the vendors that plied the canals of Thailand selling these overseas goods.

Rice and other produce are still sent down the river by barge from the rice paddies, fields, and orchards further upriver. You can see these ponderous, slow-moving barges as they head for the ships that will deliver Thailand’s bounty to the world.

Enjoy an Alfresco Riverside Dining Experience

You can sample some of the country’s agricultural bounty as you watch the boats come and go along the river by booking a hotel with a restaurant on the Chao Phraya River. It’s an excellent way to enjoy the evening breezes, sample some of the world-famous cuisine of Thailand, and take in the bustling activity of the river.

Relax and enjoy a cocktail before being enticed by the aromas of coming off the grills of fresh fish, chicken and meats. Feasting on a buffet of Thai delicacies in the fresh air is the perfect way to introduce yourself to the magic of Thai cuisine.

Plan Your Sightseeing Trip

By booking a hotel with a restaurant on the Chao Phraya River, you’ll also have a convenient place to meet for breakfast and plan the day’s sightseeing trip. Seeing all the ferries and water taxis going by will inspire you to set off and explore the sights along the river.

There are many piers along the river that the water taxis all serve on a regular route. These piers offer convenient access to the most famous sights along the river, including The Grand Palace, Wat Pho, and the Temple of the Dawn.

You can buy a one-day, sightseeing pass and spend the day touring Bangkok by boat. The piers also offer convenient access to a wealth of shopping malls and centres. Asiatique and Iconsiam are just two of the many worthwhile shopping experiences along the river.

Booking a hotel with a restaurant on the Chao Phraya River is also the perfect way to end your day of sightseeing in Bangkok. Talk about the sights you saw over snacks and drinks while you make plans for tomorrow’s adventures.