MDQC Unveils “Mulberry Grove Sukhumvit,” Thailand’s First Super-Luxury Intergeneration Residences

  • MULBERRY GROVE Sukhumvit by MQDC offers super-luxury residences designed to embrace every generation, where all residents will share delightful moments with their families, care for each other, and bring back the root of true happiness.
  • With a project value of THB6 billion, MULBERRY GROVE Sukhumvit is perfectly positioned in the heart of Sukhumvit, just 250 meters from BTS Ekkamai, and surrounded by the city’s lifestyle destinations for every generation to enjoy.
  • Designed as a space for happiness, the property stands out for its advanced technology for living and its focus on enriching quality of life with a wide range of exclusive services and enjoyable activities covering all needs.
  • Available for presales on 1-2 February, starting from 175,XXX baht/sqm.

Magnolia Quality Development Corporation Limited (MQDC) held a press conference today to officially launch “MULBERRY GROVE Sukhumvit by MQDC”. The show gallery was also unveiled for prospective customers to inspect full-scale mockup units.

MULBERRY GROVE Sukhumvit by MQDC is conceived as Thailand’s first super-luxury property brand to meet the residential and lifestyle needs of every generation under the theme “DESIGN FOR THE FINEST INTERGENERATION LIVING”.

The press conference at the property’s sales office on Sukhumvit Road was led by Mr. Keerin Chutumstid, President, Property & Service Business Group of Magnolia Quality Development Corporation Limited (MQDC). Speakers included Mr. Roongrote Chongsujipan, Senior Vice President of MQDC’s MULBERRY GROVE brand, as well as Ms. Aliwassa Pathnadabutr, Managing Director of CBRE Thailand.

Mr. Keerin Chutumstid, President, Property & Service Business Group of MQDC, said: “Under MQDC’s principle of ‘For All Well-Being’ we develop projects that meet the needs of residents by providing well-being in every aspect for them, including all ages, to living happily together. MULBERRY GROVE Sukhumvit is an initiative from MQDC to provide more than a residence. It will be a place of happiness tailored to every generation, providing fulfilling family relationships, where everyone cares for each other and gets back to the root of true happiness.”


Mr. Roongrote Chongsujipan, Senior Vice President of MQDC’s MULBERRY GROVE brand, said: “MULBERRY GROVE Sukhumvit is the first ever Super-Luxury Residence brand in the Thai property market designed and developed to meet the residential needs of every generation. Based on deep research, MQDC has found that most Thais want to live together in a big or extended family while enjoying their own space and having their individual requirements. We have therefore designed ‘INTERGENERATION’ space that truly allows for sharing and spending time together. All elements of this residential project have been crafted with the needs of every generation in mind to make it a true intergeneration living experience.”

Built on a site of 2.5 rai (4,000 sq.m) with a total project value of more than THB6 billion, MULBERRY GROVE Sukhumvit is a 37-storey high-rise residential building with 287 residential units and more than 100% parking provision.

The exclusivity of the address is underlined by many distinctive elements. Its core concept, DESIGN FOR THE FINEST INTERGENERATION LIVING, starts from the MULBERRY INTERGENERATION FACILITIES. These shared amenities are abundant for the numbers of units and residents, with a common area of 1.9 rai and greenery of 0.9 rai.

The MULBERRY FACILITIES consist of 5 core elements:

Intergeneration Well-Being

Facilities designed for intergeneration wellness. A CAREGIVER service can provide healthcare specialists to help with urgent need 24/7. Four swimming pools meet the needs of everyone in the family: INFINITY SKY POOL, HYDROTHERAPY POOL, THERMAL POOL, and CHILDREN’S POOL. The SKY-HIGH GYM STUDIO provides health-conscious residents with a fully equipped world-class fitness studio and a stunning panoramic view of the city. The PRIVATE SPA offers exclusive spa rooms with a choice of relaxing and revitalizing spa treatments. The PRIVATE SKY-HIGH ONSEN is a traditional Japanese-style private onsen for everyone in the family. Other wellness facilities include the BALLET SUITE, PATIO GYM, and YOGA SUITE, where learners can enjoy private classes with their instructors.

Intergeneration Knowledge

A variety of learning spaces are available at MULBERRY GROVE. Everyone can reserve a private space in the PRIVATE STUDY STUDIO for work, homework, or small group private tuition. Whatever your age, the MULBERRY LIBRARY has a vast collection of books for you to read. The CHILDREN’S ROOM has been designed to encourage every kid to discover new talents and social skills.

Intergeneration Social Lifestyle Suite

The residences encourage living in harmony with nature with 3 sustainable gardens on the ground level. The GOURMET COURTYARD is for planting home-grown herbs and vegetables. Residents can grow their favorite kitchen plants together and share their harvest with their neighbors. The garden’s staff are also ready to serve residents. A carefully curated ENGLISH COURTYARD invites residents to enjoy picnics. An INTERGENERATION COURTYARD brings family members together in a host of fun activities. These can provide wonderful spaces for a moms’ tea party, a children’s playground, a tree house, or an outdoor workout venue for the elderly.

Intergeneration Mulberry Service

Quality of life is enhanced through a complete range of residence services. The WELLNESS MANAGER can give useful gym and healthcare advice. COMPLIMENTARY AFTERNOON TEA and desserts help residents unwind. A one-stop CONCIERGE SERVICE is always ready to assist for greater convenience and worry-free lifestyles. Residents can also enjoy MULBERRY ACTIVITIES and workshops throughout the year to cultivate friendships and family bonds.

The entire building and its residences are based mainly on the concept ‘DESIGN FOR THE FINEST INTERGENERATION LIVING’. Each unit has been designed as a home where the entire family can live their best lives. In addition to private space, different generations have a common area to live together and share experience and knowledge, truly building the foundation for joy and happiness through deep family bonds. Inside each unit, the NOOK MULTI-PURPOSE SPACE can become everyone’s favorite customizable place: a cherished reading spot for children, the venue for mom’s tea parties, or a balcony garden for granddad. The WIDE FRONTAGE DESIGN lets each unit capture spectacular views.

All rooms have wide windows with full unobstructed views. The living room and dining room are conveniently connected and provide a useful space for everyone to interact in family activities. There’s always enough space for all the family. The master bedroom is spacious, with room for a wheelchair or an extra bed for kids. The extensive, fully equipped kitchen has an enclosed design and 2 ventilation systems to prevent cooking odors from creeping out to the rest of your residence.

In each bedroom, an energy recovery ventilation (ERV) system monitors air conditions such as CO2 and automatically lets in fresh air so everyone has healthy air to breathe. Importantly, the structure of each unit can be interconnected to add more residential functions and fit different living requirements. Above all, MQDC offers a warranty of 30 years for your peace of mind.

The condominium is also an ideal base for those looking for convenience. It perfectly meets intergeneration needs thanks to its location on Sukhumvit Road, one of Bangkok’s most important business and lifestyle districts. The residences are just 250 meters from BTS Ekkamai, very close to direct links to expressways, and surrounded by schools, business amenities, lifestyle destinations, and leading hospitals.

MULBERRY GROVE Sukhumvit offers residences with 1 bedroom (47-56.50 sq.m) and 2 bedrooms (87-114 sq.m) and penthouses with 2-5 bedrooms. The starting price is 175,XXX baht/sq.m.

“Presales will be available on 1-2 February this year. Backed by our commitment to building a residential property for ultimate family happiness, we believe that the design has paid attention to every detail to make MULBERRY GROVE Sukhumvit the right choice for intergeneration bonding that creates true happiness for all,” said Mr. Roongrote.

Ms. Aliwassa Pathnadabutr, Managing Director of CBRE Thailand, said that today’s residential market is changing significantly. One of the rising trends is to build condominiums that meet the needs of Thailand’s aging society. Therefore, developing residential projects that can best respond to those needs is essential.

“Residential demand among the elderly is increasing and, as a result, a new trend for the property development industry has been increasingly noticeable. Like MQDC, which has researched and developed the brand-new MULBERRY GROVE Sukhumvit being launched today, more developers have shifted to respond to these customers’ needs.”

Apart from developing residences to address changing social requirements, services in the project are also important. Especially in the super-luxury segment, developers need to deliver widely recognized premium features for ultimate living experience. These include caregiver services, with a focus on healthcare for older adults or others in case of emergency. Wellness managers provide care and give health advice. Concierge services respond to personal requests and provide immediate assistance.


The 30-year warranty, covering the 4 core elements of the residence, including the structure, roof, doors, and windows, as well as sanitary and electrical system, is another crucial element.

“Convenient facilities within the residence are also vital because today’s society has become a sharing community. Residents increasingly tend to socialize and enjoy activities together. Therefore, developers should give more importance to common areas – not only swimming pools or gyms but also common space that fits lifestyle needs and group activities. The common space should also help create a sense of community and make it a better place to live. It should meet the needs of customers who increasingly seek to live in their condominium in a sustainable way,” said Ms. Aliwassa.

The Key Highlights

  1. 30-YEAR WARRANTY A warranty of 30 years covers 4 core elements of your residence, including the structure, roof, doors, and windows as well as piping and electrical system.
  2. MULBERRY SPECIAL SERVICES As a Mulberry resident you can enjoy exclusive extra services such as a 24-hour emergency caregiver, a concierge service, a wellness manager, and daily complimentary afternoon tea.
  3. INTERGENERATIONAL ACTIVITIES Join a cooking workshop, exercise class, and other countless activities that will be held throughout the years to ensure that everyone at Mulberry Grove Sukhumvit can build bonds with family and neighbors.
  4. ENERGY RECOVERY VENTILATION (ERV) WITH IAQ Sophisticated technology takes energy from air leaving the building to treat incoming air, efficiently ensuring the quality of indoor air. The system safeguards your well-being by keeping down the level of carbon dioxide while supplying clean, fresh, filtered air.
  5. SECURITY AI To enhance your safety, comfort, and convenience, each household enjoys the support of intelligent security robots through a collaboration between MQDC and a leading tech company.
  6. COMBINABLE/CONNECTABLE ROOMS Residences are designed to combine and connect, meeting the needs of extended families seeking a place to live together and a layout that best fits all family members at every moment.
  7. Location This residential property is in one of the capital’s best locations. It is just 250 meters from BTS Ekkamai and in one of Bangkok’s most important business districts. The location also features various lifestyle destinations that match different needs. It is surrounded by leading schools, business centers, shopping malls, entertainment venues, and hospitals. There are also direct links to convenient public transportation networks for ideal living of every generation.