Daikin Celebrates Great Success With Award Presentation to Dealers Nationwide in “Daikin Award 2020: Runway of Excellence” Strengthening the Position of the World’s Leading Air Conditioner Brand With Reveal of the New Strategies as It Enters the First Century

Daikin, the leader in air conditioning technology from Japan, hosted “Daikin Award 2020: Runway of Excellence” to present more than 100 awards of excellence to Daikin dealers throughout Thailand. Onward to the 100th year, Daikin looks to strengthen its team of dealers and implement new strategies to rise above competitors.

Daikin highlighted its position as the world’s leader in air conditioning technology and top-of-mind air conditioner brand in Thailand with the “Daikin Award 2020: Runway of Excellence” to recognize more than 100 excellent dealers all over Thailand. The event was presided by Mr.Phornthep Phornprapha, Chairman of Siam Daikin Sales; Mr.Yoshihiro Mineno, Senior Executive Officer and General Manager, Global Operation Division at Daikin Industries, Japan; Mr.Akihisa Yokoyama, President of Siam Daikin Sales and other executives at Peach Pattaya Exhibition and Convention Hall, Chonburi Province.

“The Daikin Award 2020 gives recognition to Daikin dealers all over Thailand as a way to show gratitude to our team that together help make Daikin is a globally respected brand and the top-of-mind air conditioner brand in Thailand. The awards will also boost morale for Daikin family members all over Thailand, inspiring and driving them to move on and forward together. We strongly believe that, no matter how the economy turns out, Daikin will continue to improve, develop and grow.

And to celebrate 100 years of Daikin in Japan in 2024, the company is launching a special campaign for dealers, Century Break Award, for dealers that make more than 100 million baht worth in sales from any models of Daikin air conditioners within a year, or sell at least 100 VRV Daikin air conditioners. The prized dealers will be awarded with 30g of gold medal. If they keep up to the criteria for 5 years, Daikin will double the prize and award them with 300 grams of gold. This special campaign aims to recognize our dealers’ hard work and brand loyalty, inspiring them to grow with the company,” Daikin’s executive said.



Mr. Yoshihiro Mineno, Senior Executive Officer and General Manager, Global Operation Division at Daikin Industries, Japan also thanked dealers all over Thailand and all the employees at Daikin that work hard for Daikin’s exponential growth and increasing sales. The special thank went towards Dr. Phornthep Phornprapha, Chairman of Siam Daikin Sales, who brought Daikin to Thailand 50 years ago and hence became Daikin’s prominent partner in Thailand that through the years strengthens the business endeavor with Daikin Japan. The firm believed that Daikin would grow and rise to the number one position in the new century. “If it’s not for the great support from all parties, Daikin would not have its impressive success today. From now on, we will move forward, work harder and continue to improve ourselves to earn Daikin a permanent spot in our consumers’ mind.”

2020 will also see Nadech Kugimiya continue being Daikin’s presenter for the fifth consecutive year. The superstar is ever grateful at this opportunity, and honored to present Daikin, Thailand’s number one air conditioner brand for business, industry and household use. “I’m proud to see myself on the billboards and advertising signs with Daikin. I myself is constructing a new house, and I’m definitely using Daikin air conditioners. I’m very proud to use the brand that I trust in the quality and that I represent.”

Daikin is marching into the new century with pride and confidence.