Carabao Group Introduces “Woody C+ Lock” Orange to Increase Market Share in the Functional Drink Market

Carabao Group ventures in the functional drink market with the launch of Woody C+ Lock Orange. The new orange-flavored drink, to be available at all convenient stores nation-wide, aims to attract new generation consumers after the successful launch of Woody C+ Lock Lemon earlier in March, while the firm aims to expand the product line and rise to the number one in the functional drink market.


Mr. Sathien Setthasit, Chairman of Carabao Group Public Company Limited, reveals that the firm has been persistently penetrating the functional drink market. After the brand’s first successful launch of Woody C+ Lock Lemon, priced at 15 baht a bottle, into the market earlier in March 2020, the group has recently introduced the new flavor, Woody C+ Lock Orange to add variety to the product line. Woody C+ Lock is now available at convenient stores such as 7-Eleven, JC Express and retail shops all over Thailand.

Woody C+ Lock, a joint venture between Carabao Group and famed TV personality Vuthithorn “Woody” Milintachinda, is functional beverage with 200% vitamin C content. The brand is the first in Thailand to use C+ Lock innovation, invented by Carabao Group, that secure full vitamin C richness in tinted green bottle. The bottle is also sun-proof and enhanced with nitrogen plus special lock cap that prevent vitamin C disintegration when it touches the air. Consumers can rest assured to gain full dose of vitamin C goodness when they open a bottle of Wood C+ Lock.

Carabao Group sets aside 200-million-baht marketing budget for Woody C+ Lock to drive market share with target to sell more than 100 million bottles by year end. At the end of the year, the group is planning to further expand its functional drink product line with the aim to become the number one in the market.