AZI Institute Aims to Design Life, Build World-Class Business

AZI, the Actualizentral Institute, is the model driving the concepts to create an ecosystem of life and business in the new world that is full of challenges, transitions, and how humans must adapt themselves at an accelerating pace in life, business, society, spirit, including technology, existing problems in the old world, together with challenging issues in the new world, uncertainty, confusion and complexity in all aspects.

The Institute does not only provide training curriculums for designing life and creating businesses in high level with contents, but each curriculum also contains intensive knowledge with more than 90 sections from 9 Modules. The president of the Institute and personnel who are successful in life and world-class businesses provide the instruction by themselves. Importantly, all learners will have the opportunity to join the AZI Family, which is like a family of success and happiness with new mindset as well as a Gateway to connect with many business networks. Learners of the Institute will feel like they have the global connection. In addition, outstanding learners will have the opportunity to participate in the AZI Future Club, which is the club that gathers important persons with global success.

Arjarn Patrick revealed the path to build businesses and life in detail at his early age and led the team to establish AZI, the Actualizentral Institute, highlighting the importance of creating people with the art of life and business in high level, with 3 pilot curriculums to develop the conceptual model for the economy and life in the new world.

Mr. Prutsanai Mahakkapong

Mr. Prutsanai Mahakkapong or Arjarn Patrick, the designer of life innovation, the global successful entrepreneur, and the President of Actualizentral Institute (AZI), who aims to create people with the art of life and business in high level, and hold the position of the educational innovation consultant of the International Innovative Business Development Center (IIBD), the Faculty of Business Administration and Economics, Assumption University, and the outstanding executive of the year 2019 from the For Thai Social Foundation, revealed that it was the best moment now to build Thai personnel to join the world stage.


The global change this time was like everything is going to start all over again. Models and concepts that used to create life and business were about to out of date and no longer applied. At this time, we wanted to encourage the power of Thai people and children to set goals for global success by changing their mindset. AZI would jointly create the world’s population to be prepared to handle with situations and the growth of the world in new contexts by establishing AZI, which was the non-governmental organization aiming to provide knowledge, skills and attitudes in models different from the past. The Institute did not only focus on graduation for applying for a job, but also aimed to make people design their own environment of happiness and success. They would be able to discover what they want in life and escape from the same cycle in the old world.

Arjarn Patrick told that, from the experience of being a business partner with global organizations, no matter what products or services you provided or sold and no matter how you create a brand or do online or offline marketing, all end companies finally wanted to create the most stable market place and the environment to support their own market. With the technology and analysis from BIG DATA and AI, all consumer behaviors were collected. One day there would be someone who understood us more than ourselves. We had to adapt ourselves constantly.

In a few years, there would be many people left behind because they could not adapt themselves. I had grown up like a general middle class. When studying, I sat at the back of the classroom and I was not good at studying. I just lived day by day until I had an idea to do business. I graduated when I was 21 years old and started to do business at 23. I seriously export hydroponics vegetables. I worked so hard and slept only 4 hours a day. Although my business was going well at that time, I encountered with various problems and struggled many times. The business eventually went bankrupt. After that, I did Amway business, one of the largest P2P businesses in the world, and achieved the success in high level. Afterwards, I had the opportunity to do business as a PARTNER with the largest B2B in the world, Alibaba. I had learned the concept of working from Jack Ma and personnel of this organization. Since I was an active person, I had the opportunity to work with the FIFA World Cup as the sole distributor of World Cup tickets in Thailand and expanded the area to Southeast Asia. I had the chance to travel abroad all the time and discovered diverse perspectives and successful people around the world. I had always thought that if the new generation could acknowledge and understand all elements of these methods of thinking and practices, it would be great. With new technologies and contexts, people can start doing things earlier. Someone aged 15 -18 years in the new world is already successful.

After a huge success, Arjarn Patrick encountered the challenging period in his life. He had got depression. Fortunately, it did not severe. That’s why Arjarn Patrick understands the quote, ‘Life is Balancing Games’, which takes almost half of his life. He adopts this concept to create business and personal life, The model of idea and vision is that the way people around the world, including Thai people, will live peacefully and have happy life in the new world which is full of confusion and doubt, is at an accelerated rate. Aside from breaking away from the traditional thinking system, the Fixed Mindset, to the Growth Mindset, there are several contexts that challenge every generation in the new world.

Although Arjarn Patrick is successful in doing many businesses, he has the dream to offer educational opportunities and ideas to the new generation which is the future of the nation and the world. He focuses on allowing children to have freedom of thought and clarity, including important and strong concepts since they were young. The education that is currently used, either online or offline, is not sufficient. Learning in the new world must be a line because the life and context of each person has different goals and definitions.

Asst. Prof. Dr. Krissana Bulan
Asst. Prof. Dr. Krissana Bulan

As a result, he decided to establish AZI Institute. Asst. Prof. Dr. Krissana Bulan, the academic officer with his all-round knowledge and 3 doctoral degree certificates, holds the position of an executive director of the Institute to set the direction, strategies as well as management of the curriculums to meet the standards and quality according to the AZI’s uniqueness. He recently graduated from Chulalongkorn University with a GPA of 4.00. He is the Innovative business and OKR consultant in accordance with Google’s approaches, with experiences in the education industry, and the consultant for Thai and foreign business for over 15 years.

In addition, Dr. Sakul Kiatjirawirat, the academic officer who has expertise in the education industry and creates various curriculums, holds the position of a deputy director of the Institute.

The Advisory Board of the Institution is also established, consisting of qualified experts, such as Professor Dr. Kriangsak Charoenwongsak, the Senior Fellow, Harvard University, Asst. Prof. Dr. Amornphan Serimatphan, the Director of the Medical Innovation Center, Faculty of Medicine, Chulalongkorn University, and the expert in DNA and Wellness, Professor Dr. Laksamon Samansin, the Director of the International Higher Education Resources Promotion Group, Bureau of International Cooperation Strategy, Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Research and Innovation (MHESI), etc.

“My team and I are committed to establishing the AZI with the intention of making learners to have ‘the art of life and business in high level’. We believe that those who complete this curriculum will have global thinking, be able to design life correctly, understand life in the new world, and drive their own business to the world class in order to develop the conceptual model and become a wealthy and happy person in each context of each life,” said Arjarn Patrick.

Asst. Prof. Dr. Krissana Bulan, the Director of the Institute, added the details of the curriculums of the AZI that, 3 major curriculums in 2020 which were beneficial to the society consisted of; 1. “Art of Life & Business in High Level” Episode 1 curriculum, the online instruction, including a study tour at a global leading technology company; upon the completion of the curriculum, learners must perform practical works according to the guidelines and concepts from the curriculum and then create “Life Performance” within 1 year; 2. “Life & Business Concept in 21st century for Teen” curriculum, the online instruction for creating and developing a new generation to have mindsets, including approaches to create life and business from the teenage generation, which is considered a new trend that it is not only an adult who can do businesses; 3. “Big Data Analytics & AI for Business” curriculum.

The AZI has jointly developed the curriculums and provided the instruction with International Innovative Business Development Center (IIBD), the Faculty of Business Administration and Economics, Assumption University. There will be lecturers from global leading technology companies providing knowledge in both theory and practice which learners can apply it to develop their business.


AZI is not only an institute that creates learning and conceptual models in the new world business that makes people wealthy and happy, but it also creates Channel and Gateway for learners who have passed the test to a global organization. The Institute believes that people who are able to succeed at a global level, they must have capabilities and also appropriate channels. Therefore, alliances of AZI will provide cooperation to build networks with all sectors, Including leading universities, public sector and global leading private companies, such as IBM, Alibaba, Google and many more, around the world.

AZI is ready to accept applications for those who are interested in opening up ideas and learn the art of life and business in high level. It is not limited to children or adults. Anyone aged 13years old or above can apply from today onwards and the first class will begin on July 1, 2020. Interested persons can apply for the curriculum via Line: @aziglobalofficial, The number of participants is limited for each class. Information can be found on,, Website:, WhatsApp: +66654269661, E-mail: [email protected], or for more information, please call 065-4269661