CPF Maintains Strict Preventive Measures Against ASF and COVID-19, Gearing Towards New Normal Farming

Charoen Pokphand Foods PLC (CPF) will keep in place its strict preventive measures against African Swine Flu (ASF) in pigs and novel coronavirus (COVID-19) despite a low level of domestic transmission. Having been organized is employee training on New Normal farming that will concurrently protect both pigs and human and sustainably assure food safety for consumers.

Dr. Damnoen Chaturavittawong
Dr. Damnoen Chaturavittawong

Dr. Damnoen Chaturavittawong (D.V.M), Senior Vice President of Swine Veterinary Service Department at CPF, said that strict animal and human disease control measures have been continually practiced at the Company for both livestock and aquaculture businesses, as required by international standards. In the outbreak of ASF epidemic and COVID-19 pandemic, additional stringent measures and guidelines have been exercised. Thailand has been the only ASEAN country that reported no ASF case. Meanwhile, Thailand has reported zero domestic transmission case for over a month.  Despite the easing situation, CPF will continue exercising the toughest measures.

To protect pig raisers from COVID-19, CPF has exercised the following measures at buildings and farms countrywide: 1) Temperature monitoring that covers all employees who must take leave, even without fever, if having these symptoms like coughing, running nose, chest pain or sore throat 2) Social distancing including 2-meter distance between persons, zero farm visit, alternate work hours, no travel to risk areas and the work-from-home policy 3) Personal hygiene concerning face masks and protective equipment and regular hand washing and 4) Safe transportation that requires the measurement of transporters’ temperature, face masks, hand washing before and after work, contactless transportation and etc.

CPF also enforces strict measures against ASF at all pig farms operated by the Company and contracted farmers. All farms have closed doors to visitors, correctly tracked the sources of piglets, stopped feeding pigs with human food waste, prepared contingency plans for epidemics accordingly to the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE)’s prescriptions, and exercised strict measures on personal hygiene before and after farm entry as well as vehicles.

“CPF’s continually-exercised maximum watch and preventive measures prove their effectiveness: no ASF or COVID-19 case or other diseases have been reported. Business risks have been contained, paving way for new normal farming that concerns primarily social distancing,” Dr. Damnoen said.

Dr. Damnoen asserted that social distancing rules, face masks, hand washing and other personal hygiene measures have become a “new normal” for all staff at the Company’s farms. Work-related activities have been adjusted to the changing circumstances: for example, morning meetings take place at a field or other outdoor venues instead of meeting rooms. Staff eats meals with personal utensils at places with plastic barriers. Only cooked food is served and all staff maintains the 2-meter distance in every activity. Frequently-used spots at public areas are regularly cleaned.

“CPF has exercised international standards and appropriately applied all measures and our staff has been properly trained. All this is to ensure food safety throughout the production chain in both normal and crisis circumstances,” he said.

In addition, CPF has cooperated with the Department of Livestock Development in the ASF monitoring, prevention and control program. Under the program, 450 small farmers have been trained, helping protect Thailand against possible outbreaks of animal diseases.