CP Foods Steps up Preventive Measures in Light of New COVID-19 Infections

Charoen Pokphand Foods PCL (CP Foods) has issued additional preventive measures against the spread of new coronavirus (COVID-19), to assure consumers of food safety.

Mr. Siripong Arunrattana, Chief Operating Officer – Livestock Business as chairman of CP Foods Covid-19 Monitoring and Management Center, revealed that additional strict preventive measures would be implemented at office buildings, farms and other operating sites in response to the government’s imposition of stringent rules in some areas with high infection rates. CP Foods has worked closely with government agencies to ensure compliance and new guidelines have been issued to all operating sites.


Under the new guidelines, CP Foods requires all employees and workers to: 1) report their timeline in “CPF Connect” application on a daily basis as well as the government-sponsored “Thaichana” and “MorChana” applications, to facilitate risk assessment and handling in case of entry into areas at risk of COVID-19 infections 2) follow health instructions like wearing face masks all the time, eating clean and safe food, keeping at least 2 meters of distance from others, and correctly and regularly washing hands and 3) work from home to reduce the density and lower the probability of the spread of the COVID-19.


For maximum safety, CP Foods issued new orders that demand all workplaces to: 1) implement stringent screening process for outside delivery persons and providing them reserved space to reduce the probability of the spread 2) increase cleaning frequency to at least every 30 minutes 3) keep employees in canteens at least 2 meters apart from others and barring them from sharing eating tools 4) clearly mark the floor to inform people of the acceptable safe social distance at all areas where congestion is likely and 5) organize weekly Big Cleaning activities that include air-conditioner cleaning to reduce the spread of COVID-19.


“CP Foods outlines the following measures to stop the spread if an employee at office buildings, farms or other businesses contract COVID-19: 1) close off the area for Big Cleaning and disinfectant that include all materials touched by the employee and 2) put his/her co-workers under 14-day quarantine,” Mr. Siripong said.

He added that CP Foods has placed emphasis on safety for both Thai and foreign workers since the outbreak in early March 2020. In preparing food for migrant workers, the company delivers separate meal sets. Thai workers have been urged not to use public transportation services. All operating sites – feed mills, farms and processing plants – must exercise CP Foods safety measures to assure consumers that CP Foods uses advanced technology and its products meet international standards and allow traceability throughout the supply chain.



As a world-class food producer, CP Foods issued the new guidelines on top of its preventive measures, specifically to protect workers in all dimensions. The stringent rules were implemented out of realization that workers’ health and safety is the heart of the operations and a guarantee of zero disruption to the Company’s objective in delivering sufficient volume of quality and safe food for all.



Mr. Siripong Arunrattana
Mr. Siripong Arunrattana