Meet Up at Restaurants Near Chidlom Station

The weather is heating up in Bangkok with the start of the hot, dry season. It’s the time of year when an air-conditioned shopping mall is one of the most attractive destinations in the city. And with no shortage of malls to choose from up and down Sukhumvit Road, the Sukhumvit Line of the BTS Skytrain is the favourite mode of transportation.

There are many fun and exciting shopping malls located in the Chidlom area, which is why the area is growing in popularity. But planning to meet for an afternoon of shopping and browsing with several other people often seems problematic because you’re often waiting for people who are inevitably late. Because of a combination of the heat and friends and family gathering from all parts of the city, a smart thing to do is plan to meet up at one of the many restaurants near Chidlom Station of the BTS.

Many Shopping Malls in Chidlom

The Chidlom area is a popular area to meet because of the sheer number of malls within walking distance of the Chidlom BTS station. One of the newest exciting malls is also the closest to the BTS station. The Mercury Ville Shopping Mall has many air-conditioned restaurants near the Chidlom station where the early-birds can grab an iced tea or a quick meal while they wait for slowpokes.

No one has to risk heat stroke while they’re waiting. Meeting up at an indoor restaurant near Chidlom station also gives you a chance to all agree on a plan of action for the afternoon of shopping in a comfortable place where you can catch your breath and relax before bargain-hunting. With so many options of malls within the Chidlom area, you’ll need all the energy you can get.


Start Off Your Shopping at The Mercury Ville

The Mercury Ville Shopping Mall is a great place to start your afternoon. This four-story shopping mall has a wealth of eclectic juice bars, cafés and restaurants that are certain to satisfy the pickiest eaters in your group. The mall also has several businesses, salons and clinics that offer the best in health and beauty care.


It’s also the perfect place to gather at the end of the day. There is a choice of two outdoor establishments on the roof, Paolo’s Rooftop Restaurant and Bar and Them Bar. These two chill-out places offer a rooftop view of the Chidlom area, and you can relax and enjoy a meal or a drink and talk about your day.

Explore the Chidlom Area

Within the Chidlom area, there is also Gaysorn Village, Amarin Plaza, The Portico Langsuan, Central Chidlom, and Central Embassy shopping malls. All of these quality malls are within easy walking distance of Chidlom BTS station.

With the BTS, the skywalks above Sukhumvit Road, and the proximity of the malls to each other, the Chidlom area is easy to explore on foot, even in the middle of the Thai summer when temperatures are baking. Of course, there are also plenty of air-conditioned restaurants near the Chidlom Station for you to relax in as well.