Safe and COVID-19-Free Songkran Festival

Amid the current COVID-19 pandemic, various sectors as well as the general public need to adjust their everyday lifestyle and way of life to keep up with the situation. Many people may become familiar with wearing surgical face masks, bringing alcohol-based hand sanitizer gel, and scanning ThaiChana application every time before leaving home and entering any premises to ensure that we are far away from COVID-19 infection.

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“Songkran Festival” is another festive occasion that everyone has been waiting for. Many people look forward to travelling back to their hometown to visit their parents and relatives. Many people want to use these long holidays for a leisure travel or relaxing vacation with family members. Many people want to hold a water splashing party with friends at home.

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The BMA understands the situation and cares for everyone’s health during this year Songkran Festival. Many events or activities will be annually organized during the period of Songkran Festival to promote tradition and culture and to enhance tourism and economy, such as water splashing and talcum powder smearing, and large public gatherings. These events and activities are at risk of disease transmission. Therefore, the BMA Communicable Diseases Committee resolved to have an announcement on surveillance, prevention, and control measures for the spread of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) during the period of Songkran Festival (between April 10 – 15, 2021). The measures include:Organizing of general and traditional activities during Songkran Festival such as the ritual of bathing or sprinkling water on Buddha statues, and ceremony of pouring water onto the elderly’s palms and asking for their blessings can be done. In case of organizing activities with the number of attendees exceeding 300 persons, organizers shall submit the working plan and disease control measures to the district office in charge of service area before organizing the activities;

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1. Organizing of other activities apart from the above-mentioned activities during Songkran Festival, such as fairs for displaying and selling goods and products or banquets, with the number of attendees exceeding 100 persons, organizers shall submit the working plan and disease control measures to the district office in charge of service area before organizing the activities. Such activities should be organized in the open air with good ventilation. Organizing activities in limited areas or air-conditioned rooms should be avoided. Activities with large gathering as well as water splashing, use of talcum powder, foam parties, and concerts shall be refrained;

2. If the attendees of events and activities come from various places, banquets and get-together parties should be avoided and dining and drinking beverages together for an extended period should be refrained.


Any persons who violate or fail to comply with this announcement shall be liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding two years or to a fine not exceeding forty thousand Baht or to both.

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Therefore, remind yourself and take care of family members and relatives. When leaving home, do not forget to wear fabric or surgical face mask, practice social distancing, avoid close contact with other people, wash hands with alcohol-based hand sanitizer gel, and scan ThaiChana or MorChana every time when entering any premises. This Songkran festival, everyone will go back home safely and free from COVID-19 if comply to and follow measures to control and prevent the spread of COVID-19 as specified by the Government.
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