CPF Bids To Create Model Communities in Nakhon Ratchasima and Uthai Thani To Promote “Zero Burning” Maize Production

Charoen Pokphand Foods PCL (CPF) is turning communities in Nakhon Ratchasima and Uthai Thani province into the zero-burning models for maize growers across the country, in support of the Company’s “No Mountain, No Burning, We Buy” motto and eco-friendly supply chain policy.

The Company plans to deepen its knowledge transfer in line with its sustainable sourcing policy. Mr. Woraphot Suratwisit, Vice President, of Bangkok Produce PCL (BKP), CPF’s raw material sourcing arm, said that CPF is proceeding with its mission to ensure its sourcing policy does not harm communities or the environment and to use only maize from sustainable production sources that can offer traceability and legal land documents.

Eligible farmers must not grow maize on forest areas (Zero Deforestation) or burn corn cobs (Zero Burn). To achieve this mission, during the 2021 harvest year, the Company will extend its knowledge transfer campaign to promote Zero Burn and educate them how to turn corn cobs to usable items, targeting farmers in Tambon Banlang municipality in Nonethai district, Nakhon Ratchasima province; and in Lansak district, Uthai Thani province.

Corn 21


Under the “Self-Sufficient Farmers, Sustainable Corn Project”, these communities are expected to become the Zero Burn models. In the past 4-5 years, the project has encouraged farmers to apply academic knowledge in raising quantitative and qualitative productivity as well as promoted transparent and fair sourcing channels, as a way to discourage them from burning corn cobs.

“This year, we target Zero Burn. This will not only preserve soil quality and nutrients but also reduce their expenses on fertilizers and improve the community environment. Zero burn will reduce dust and smoke and support the battle against global warming,” he said.

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CPF has adopted traceability in its corn-sourcing process since 2017. Satellite imaging technology has been applied thereafter to trace farms where corn cob burning still exists, so that the Company’s team will be dispatched to the areas and educate farmers about sustainable farming. Discouraging them from burning which harms the environment, farmers and communities, the knowledge is also expected to raise productivity.

The traceability system supports the “No Mountain, No Burning, We Buy” motto which is the heart of the “Self-Sufficient Farmers, Sustainable Corn Project”, as it ensures that the sourced maize is not grown on forest areas or land without legal deeds and is not from the farms where corn cobs are burnt.



It gives consumers confidence that the supply chain of CPF’s chicken and pork products is friendly to the environment and helps promote farmers’ quality of life. The “Self-Sufficient Farmers, Sustainable Corn Project” was kicked off in 2015, with the goal to raise quantitative and qualitative productivity while reducing expenses.

Farmers have been assisted in selling their produce directly to feed mills, to earn fair prices. With these assistance, farmers are encouraged to lend a hand in tackling deforestation and dust in the long run.