Marriott’s Engineering Conference Celebrates Unheralded Heroes and Lays Foundations for a Sustainable Future

Virtual event gathers 94 engineers from hotels and resorts across Southeast Asia and the Maldives to recognize top performers and set out vision to maintain the highest standards.

Engineering is one of the most important but least acclaimed elements of the hospitality industry. Behind the scenes and out of sight, teams of highly-trained professionals work tirelessly to make every element of a hotel or resort run smoothly, efficiently and in an environmentally-friendly manner, enhancing the guest experience.

To celebrate these unheralded heroes and ensure the highest standards of operational excellence, Marriott International recently hosted its regional Engineering Conference. Held virtually in line with ongoing social distancing requirements, this online event was attended by 94 engineers from properties in Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Singapore and the Maldives, including several directors of engineering.

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Attendees were greeted with keynote speeches by four of Marriott’s top regional executives, including Jakob Helgen, Area Vice President – Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia & Myanmar; Rivero Delgado, Area Vice President – Singapore, Malaysia & Maldives; Ananchai “Mao” Lertwatthiphong, Vice President of Engineering; and Saravana Raj S, Area Director of Engineering, who all provided updates on the latest engineering objectives, plans and practices for the coming decade and beyond.

Environmental efficiency is a key element of Marriott’s vision for the future, and the engineering delegates were consulted on the company’s latest Utility Cost Benchmarking initiatives, which are designed to help hotels consume less energy.

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The conference also recognized Marriott’s top hotels and resorts, according to the Guest Satisfaction Index (M&U) and Maintenance Excellence Index (TRG), which show how the engineering teams are making a positive impact on all aspects of hotel performance. A panel of experts then helped to introduce the group’s online platforms for hotel maintenance, and a quiz provided a fun way of boosting knowledge and awareness.


“Our engineering teams are the unheralded heroes of our hotels; the associates who often go unnoticed by our guests, but without whom our hotels simply could not operate. They also play a critical role in reducing our properties’ carbon footprints and helping us to function in an efficient and eco-friendly manner, which will be critical to our progress in the coming years. This virtual conference let us shine a spotlight on our engineers, celebrate their vital role and lay the foundations for a more sustainable future,” commented Jakob Helgen.

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