Book a Quality Hotel Near Saladang BTS Station

The world-famous traffic jams of Bangkok are still an unfortunate reality. But whether you’re in town for business or pleasure, booking a hotel near the Saladang BTS station can save you hours of valuable commute time.  

The location has a lot of bearing on the popularity of where people stay in the vast metropolis of Bangkok, Thailand. And this matters just as much for residents as it does for tourists and business visitors to the city. Many condo complexes and entire neighborhoods become more valuable as a place of residence because they’re close to a BTS or MRT station in Bangkok. 

Many city residents wouldn’t even think of driving to work if their place of work was anywhere near the center of town. Bangkok’s traffic jams simply make this unthinkable. Luckily commuters, both the BTS Skytrain and the MRT, have made venturing into traffic during commute hours largely a thing of the past.   

Make the Most of Your Time in the City


By booking a hotel near the Saladang BTS station in the Sathorn area of the city, you can take a page from the city’s residents and avoid the notorious traffic jams entirely. They say, “When in Rome, do as the Romans do.” And no old sayings could be any more relevant than this one when it comes to Bangkok traffic.

You can make better use of the time you have to spend in the city by taking advantage of both the BTS Skytrain and the MRT. And both of these systems are interconnected to the Airport Express rail system. This means you can get from Suvarnabhumi Airport to your hotel near the Saladang BTS Station quickly and easily, and more importantly, without having to waste time in traffic.

Business Travelers Target Sathorn and Silom

For business travelers, time is usually of the essence. They typically have a limited amount of time they can spend in town, so they try to book non-stop meetings and engagements. The Saladang Station is right in the heart of the Silom area of Bangkok. This area, along with its next-door neighbour, Sathorn, forms the commercial and financial heart of the city. 

Booking a hotel right near the Saladang BTS station means you’ll be able to maximize your productivity while you’re in town. With several MRT and BTS stations in the Sathorn and Silom areas, you’ll be able to maintain a full schedule of meetings and even host valuable clients at some of the excellent restaurants in the area catering to business people. 


Pleasure Travelers Have Seen Traffic Before

For pleasure travelers, having to sit in traffic means they’re not making the most of their vacation. They’ve seen traffic before, and it’s not why they’re visiting Bangkok. 

By booking a hotel near the Saladang BTS station, they can join the business traveler in making the most of their time in Bangkok. They’ll be able to maximize the time they spend sightseeing and eliminate any thoughts of spending their vacation sitting in Bangkok traffic.